My Injuries Supply Great New Toys!

I fell a couple of nights ago and really did some damage to my leg. I’ve got some lovely scrapes and bruises, as well as a pretty badly sprained ankle. I was using an Ace bandage to hold gauze against the worst of the scrapes today and have been wearing an air cast so that I can hobble around some on my ankle. Isaiah thinks it’s all some big game. When I was hopping because I couldn’t stand on my leg at all, he’d clap and giggle because he thought I was dancing for him!

Here’s a link to a picture of my leg (so people have the option of not looking). Since I fell a couple days ago, it’s not too bad anymore. I’ve just learned that some people prefer not to see injuries. My dad is trying not to look at me if I don’t have it covered right now! (It’s kinda humorous!)

Today, Isaiah kept trying to take the brace off my ankle so I asked him if he wanted to wear it. Of course, his answer was “uh-huh”! I sat him down next to me and put it on his leg. Since it’s an adult size brace, it goes all the way to his knee when he wears it. He thought it was amazing. He ran through the house wearing it and dancing. After a while, he realized he couldn’t bend his knee and asked me to take it off.

Air Cast

Putting my brace on

Air Cast

Dancing in my brace

Air Cast

Ready to get it off...

When he was done with the brace, Isaiah decided he wanted to play with the wrap, too. I took it off at one point to let my wounds get some air and he scooped it up. He kept trying to wrap it for himself, so I helped him put it on. I wrapped his foot and lower leg very loosely, like I’ve done with my ankles at various times in the past, then hooked the end under one of the layers, rather than pinning it. He proudly went to show it off to everyone in the house. When I took it off to put his shoes on later, he was extremely disappointed that he couldn’t keep wearing it.

Air Cast

So proud to be wearing a wrap just like Mama!


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