Go Fish Concert

My mom and I took Isaiah to a free Go Fish concert last night. It was two hours away, but he took his nap in the van, so it wasn’t a huge deal. Neither of us really expected him to make it all the way through, but we figured if it’s free, why not?

Go Fish

We're here!

When we got to the venue, I put Isaiah in the mei tai to keep him contained while we waited to get in the doors and to our seats. We got there about five minutes before the doors opened and I didn’t want him to be overwhelmed by the crowd or to manage to break away from me. Once we found a place to sit, I let him down and he was happy to explore. We chose seats about halfway back because I figured the sound at the front would be more overwhelming, even though he’d be able to see a little better. Isaiah didn’t mind and had tons of fun waiting for the concert to start.

Go Fish

So excited!

During the time we were waiting for the concert to start, they played some of the Go Fish VBS videos. Isaiah really liked that. What could possibly be better than movies on giant screens? Between the videos, the chair that folded and opened and a glow stick we got for him, Isaiah had no trouble waiting at all.

Go Fish

''All done?'' Apparently he thought we were just there for the video.

When it was finally time for things to start, there were a couple other performers before Go Fish. Isaiah wasn’t sure what to think of the first one. Dave the Horn Guy was a guy wearing a bright orange jump suit with horns attached. He could play entire songs, including chords with the horns. It was pretty fun to watch. He had some fun games and things, too. He even got some dads to come on stage and play the horns with him.

Go Fish

Dave the Horn Guy

It was about supper time and Isaiah was getting hungry, so we bought some big pretzels at the concession stand. He loved them! When we went out during the intermission later, he wanted more pretzels.

Go Fish

Telling me about his pretzel

After the first guy, there was a new kids’ music group that sang a few songs. They’re called Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. They were pretty impressive. They sang some familiar Sunday School songs and a few of their own. When they did the songs that kids’ were familiar with, all the kids in the auditorium sang along with them. It was really cool to hear thousands of kids singing the songs together!

Go Fish

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra

Go Fish

Dancing to the music

Finally, it was time for Go Fish. As soon as they started singing, Isaiah lit up because he recognized the song. He sang along with the first few songs, even when they did some he didn’t know. He was so excited! He loved all the lights and watching them dancing on stage.

Go Fish

So excited to finally be seeing Go Fish (Isaiah had mastered clapping and screaming by the end of the concert)

Go Fish

A cool shot of Go Fish

Go Fish

Go Fish

After a while, Isaiah started getting overwhelmed and my mom walked out with him to go to the bathroom and give him a break. After a couple more songs, they announced an intermission, so my mom sat back down and I played with Isaiah. He took me out to show me the pop machine with the giant buttons. He kept pushing them with no results, so he decided to grab my hand and use it to push the button. Still no results. I told him it wouldn’t work unless we put money in it and there was no way I was going to pay three bucks for a pop! He decided we might as well move on if it wasn’t going to work, so we kept walking. He smiled at other kids, said “hi” to one of the security guards and found a cool trash can that looked like a Pepsi bottle.

Go Fish

The cool pop machine

Soon, it was time for the concert to start again. I brought him back in, but he was getting tired and the volume at our seats was overwhelming. I took him to the back where he could still see and hear and he was happy to stay there. I set him down and he started dancing. He spun, stomped his feet, swung his arms and ran circles around me. He was having so much fun! At one point he stopped dancing, grinned and signed “love”. I’m guessing he was saying he loved Go Fish, since he was in the middle of dancing to their music.

Go Fish

Partway through, they stopped singing to talk for a little while. I loved that their lesson was so easy for kids to understand.

Go Fish


Go Fish

He loves Go Fish!

When they started the last song, I took Isaiah out to find the table where they would be doing autographs. I figured since it was already almost his bedtime, he wouldn’t handle standing in line very well, so if we wanted to see them, we’d have to be close to the front. I wasn’t the only one who had that idea! We were still pretty close to the front, though. When Go Fish finally came out and sat down, Isaiah got super excited. He’s watched their videos on YouTube a million times and recognized them once they were close to him. I pulled the cover out of the DVD my mom bought and handed it to Isaiah. When we got to the table, I told him to hand it to the guy who was first at the table. He passed it over, grinning the whole time. Before we left, he signed “thank you” to them. As we walked away from the table, my mom pointed out that the camera guy had been recording Isaiah. Maybe he’ll be in their next music video? He definitely enjoyed his first concert!

Go FIsh

Getting autographs

We stopped at McDonald’s on our way home because Isaiah was one hungry little boy. A lot of the families who’d been at the concert decided to stop there. Isaiah had fun watching all the other kids around him. At one point, I asked him if he was tired and needed to go to sleep, so he demonstrated how to go to sleep sitting in the highchair.

Go Fish

Getting tired...

Isaiah’s first concert was most definitely a success! I think he’d go back if he could. Hopefully, they’ll be back in the area next year and he can see them again. For now, he can keep watching their YouTube videos and listening to his CDs.


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