I’ve Been Busy

I’ve hardly been on the computer at all this week. I spent the first half of the week decluttering mine and Isaiah’s belongings. Once that was done, I spent a couple of mornings helping one of the girls in the 4-H club with a scrapbook project (we already had the supplies, so it seemed reasonable to let her do it here and use them). Isaiah has kept busy all week, too, and I’ve still managed to take lots of pictures. I just haven’t had time to share them! So, here I am at midnight, writing a blog post. (Somebody send me to bed!)

Busy Week

Kisses for Max

Isaiah had fun discovering “new” toys. I had saved some of my special toys for any future children to enjoy and as I went through things, I pulled out the things he’s ready to enjoy. He still doesn’t know what all I’ve added to his room, but he loves the things he’s noticed!


Peeking in my window (my dad held him up from outside)

Once everything was organized and I was done working constantly, Isaiah finally started to settle back into the routine that has been somehow lost in the last few weeks. We’ve been home more often than not, so he’s getting used to taking his nap at the same time again and has stopped fighting it like he was. When nap time comes, he happily climbs into my bed, throws my decorative pillows to the floor and gets under the blankets to wait for me to nurse him to sleep.

Busy Week

Ready for his nap... with blankets and stuffed animals in place!

Along with getting rid of stuff, I rearranged furniture in my room, moving a small bookshelf out of the closet to hold my college texts and other important things. I stuck an old photo book filled with pictures of me as a baby on it without really thinking about it. I’ve had the book since I was about Isaiah’s age and loved looking in it. Isaiah found it and has spent quite a lot of time flipping through the pages, admiring the baby.


Looking at my book


Apparently, my horse liked it, too

My mom found a little bug house at the dollar store a while ago. My dad has started catching the various bugs that he spots early in the morning when he leaves for work. Isaiah loves getting to look at them. I, personally, would rather not know that there are beetles that big living near my house!

July 29, 2011

Today's bug was a less-scary grasshopper

July 29, 2011

Off to release it!

Isaiah loves cars and trucks. He started saying “tuck” a while ago and applies it to just about anything with wheels. DJ found a truck video at the bookstore that Isaiah would be happy to watch all day, every day. He sits with my mom and watches it for a while any chance he gets. He also likes playing with my dad’s remote control car. The last time my dad had it out, he showed Isaiah how to control it. Now he runs through the house with the remote in his hand and the car “chasing” him!

Busy Week

Watching his truck movie

Busy Week

''I have the controller!''

Busy Week

Calling the car to come to him while pushing the appropriate button

Busy Week

Whoops! He caught it!

One of Isaiah’s new treasures is a kissing Simba and Nala set. I found it years ago at a thrift store and begged my grandmother to let me buy it. Needless to say, she relented and I went home with two stuffed lions! I put them in Isaiah’s room a couple days ago, but he didn’t notice them until today. When he saw them, he pointed and said “uh-huh, uh-huh?” which, in Isaiah language, means “please?” and I told him they were his. He quickly scooped them up and raced into the living room to play with them. He’s hardly let them leave his sight since!

Busy Week

Discovering that their noses stick together

Busy Week


I finally found a good set of wooden alphabet blocks for Isaiah. I’ve been looking for them forever, but hadn’t been able to find any until now. I brought them out and dumped them onto the coffee table in front of him. Soon, he was stacking them, banging them together and knocking down towers that I built.

Busy Week

''Wow! Blocks!''

Busy Week

A tower


Knocking the tower over

Of course, even in all our busyness, there has been plenty of time for cuddles and playing with Isaiah. He’s such a happy boy. Who would want to miss out on that? He’s cuddled with everyone, been tickled and just generally had a good time.

Busy Week

Playing with Gram

Busy Week

Being silly with Mama before bed

Wow! That sounds so exhausting! No wonder he crashes every night without argument.


Sleeping with Mama's old dinosaur


3 responses to “I’ve Been Busy

  1. Your little guy is so cute. Mamas have busy lives, don’t we? I’m so glad you are taking the time to document his life. You’ll thank yourself for that in a few years. 😉

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