Glow Bracelet

Somebody gave me a package of glow bracelets years ago and I never found an appropriate occasion to use them. (I tend to save “special” things like that, since I don’t get them very often.) Isaiah found them today and was carrying them through the house shaking them because they made a fun noise in their little tube. I promised him that when it got dark, I’d let him try one.

Glow Bracelet

''What's it gonna do?''

When it was finally dark, I brought Isaiah into my room and closed the door so it would be totally dark. I pulled out one of the bracelets and “broke” it to make it glow. Isaiah’s eyes got huge! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I let him take it and he waved it around in the air. For the first while, he was pretty quiet, but then he started to tell me about how exciting it was.

Glow Bracelet


After a few minutes, I sent him out into the other room to show it to his grandparents. Amazingly, my dad had never seen one! They, of course, both acted like they’d never seen anything so incredible in their lives and Isaiah was pleased. He showed it to the dog and experimented with different things he could do with it. At one point, he tried to use it to draw on the coffee table.

Glow Bracelet

Showing it to his Grandfather

It’s too bad that by the time Isaiah wakes up tomorrow, his bracelet will have stopped glowing. At least I have a few more for him to play with another time. The next time he sees it will probably be like seeing it for the first time again. Maybe I can do some research and turn it into a science lesson when he’s older…


4 responses to “Glow Bracelet

  1. After using them, put them in the freezer, sometimes you can revive them and use them again depending on the brand! =)

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