The County Fair

My mom and I took Isaiah to the county fair today. We decided that it would be best to avoid the weekend, when things would be more crazy, since Isaiah gets overwhelmed easily. When we first got there, he was a little uncertain and went back and forth between me and my mom, holding on tight.

County Fair

Feeling a little nervous at first

We headed out to look at animals and Isaiah started to relax. First, we came to someone getting a sheep ready to show. When she saw Isaiah watching, she brought the sheep over for him to look at. She told him he could pet it, but he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to do that! He admired it from my arms for a while, though.

County Fair

A sheep (I think it's the first he's ever seen)

Next, we went through the cow barn. People were grooming their calves for the show and the cows were all left in their stalls alone and very unhappy. They kept calling for their babies! The noise was a little overwhelming, even for me. Isaiah really liked the few calves that were still there, though. There was one calf having a snack. I told Isaiah it was having milk just like he does and he looked at me like I was crazy. When it stopped nursing and looked over at us, its face was covered in milk!

County Fair

Isaiah liked the calves because they were closer to his size

We went over to the exhibit hall to look at the 4-H stuff. Isaiah wasn’t very interested in looking at projects, since he wasn’t allowed to touch any of them. I saw a few things that he might like to do as crafts in a year or two and enjoyed looking at the kids’ photography entries. Isaiah discovered the golf carts (for workers to get around the fairgrounds) at the back of the building and decided they were much more interesting. He spent quite a while admiring them and really wanted to climb up onto them.

County Fair

Found a good place to sit and rest for a minute before his next adventure...

When we looked at the vendors’ tables, Isaiah was excited to discover that one group was handing out temporary tattoos. He signed “please” to the lady who had them and selected a tractor. When I told him to say “thank you”, he signed “love you” instead. I brought Isaiah to the bathroom to change his diaper and put the tattoo on his arm. He was extremely curious about the entire process. After I pulled the paper off his arm, he started trying to pick up the picture on his arm. He couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t move! Pretty soon, he decided it was cool and went racing out to show it to his Gram.

County Fair

''What happened to my arm??''

After a quick break to get some lunch, we went to the petting zoo. I always loved spending time at the petting zoo when I was spending hours at the fair for 4-H. Since it’s free, it’s a great way to spend some time! Isaiah was pretty interested in all the animals. It took a little while before he decided it was safe to touch them, though. He wandered through the petting zoo with his arms wrapped around my leg. He did eventually decide that it would be fun to try touching animals, though. He liked petting the donkey and letting a goat lick his fingers. He was afraid of the pig, but wanted me to touch it, so I did. He thought that was funny.

County Fair

I petted the pig... By Isaiah's request. (I'm not a fan of pigs or chickens... Especially chickens.)

County Fair

Isaiah believes this is the best position for observing new things

County Fair

''I touched it!''

County Fair

The donkey was so friendly! He's new to the petting zoo, but he doesn't act it. He loves people!

County Fair

''What's that goat doing?''

County Fair

Being licked by the goat. It was convinced that we had something to feed it!

County Fair

Admiring the chickens with one of his many new friends

County Fair


County Fair

Isaiah knew exactly what to do with this!

Before we headed for home, we went back to the exhibit hall to see if our friend, Caden. Isaiah had never met her before, so we didn’t want to leave without seeing her. She was just getting to the fair when we got over there. Isaiah liked her immediately! I guess that says something for what a cool person she is. He showed her the pond outside the exhibit hall that he found so fascinating and they talked about the fish in it for a while. Then, we let Isaiah play while we talked for a while. It was so great to get to see her!


Another new friend

County Fair

Isaiah telling Caden all about the wonders of the fair

County Fair

At least three planes flew over while we were talking to Caden, so low that we had to stop talking until they passed. My dad says it's the kind used for refueling other planes. Cool!

County Fair

Another friend. Have I mentioned just how social Isaiah is?

All too soon, it was time to pick DJ up from work and head for home. Isaiah would have happily stayed at the fair all day. I remember plenty of times doing just that when I was in 4-H. Soon enough, Isaiah will be a clover kid and can do some of the activities at the fair. I’m glad he enjoyed his first trip so much!


3 responses to “The County Fair

  1. My favorites are the tattoo picture and his squat for a better view of the animals… my DD always squats like that when checking out new things too πŸ™‚

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