Time at the Lake

We took Dusty to the groomer today for a haircut (our clippers can’t handle his very fine fur). He loves going to the groomer and gave her lots of kisses when he saw her! When it was time to pick him up, my mom, Isaiah and I decided to take him with us to a lake while we were out. Dusty was so cute when we picked him up. He was wearing bright green ribbons and a bandana. He came racing over to see us and Isaiah quickly grabbed the leash to “help” bring him out to the car.

The Lake

All dressed up with nowhere to go...

When we got to the lake, we headed for the playground first. Isaiah was so excited at the sight of things to climb on! Soon, he made a friend, too. He followed her through various parts of the playground. Unfortunately, this playground was a bit advanced for such a little guy and he couldn’t really do much on his own.

The Lake

''I see a playground!''

The Lake

Isaiah with his friend

The Lake


The Lake

At the top of a slide

While Isaiah was playing, Dusty was making friends, too. He’s such a cute little dog that he tends to draw a crowd. A couple of little girls came running over to see him. He was a little shy, but as long as my mom held him on her lap, he was happy to let the girls pet him.

The Lake

Dusty's new friends

Since the playground was more frustrating/scary than fun, we decided to walk over to the water and let Isaiah check it out. Isaiah held the end of Dusty’s leash while we walked. He was so proud of himself! He did a funny little dance as he walked, happily following Dusty. He seemed completely unaware that my mom had a hold of the leash, too.

The Lake

Walking Dusty with a little help from Gram

The Lake

Dancing his way down the sidewalk

Isaiah loved the water. He really wanted to get in the water, but I’m not sure swimming is even allowed. Since he wasn’t dressed for it anyway, I didn’t go looking for any signs with rules. We walked out on a dock where Isaiah looked into the water trying to spot a fish. The water was pretty dark, so we couldn’t see anything, but that didn’t bother Isaiah in the least. He had fun stomping around on the dock because it made it shift on the water.

The Lake

Almost to the water

The Lake

Looking for fish

The Lake

Heading out on the dock

The Lake

The sky was so pretty and the water was reflecting everything beautifully

The Lake

Sitting to get a better look at the water

On our way back toward the van, we saw a family of geese. We’d actually seen them a month or so ago. When we saw them then, some of them were still babies. Now, they’re almost fully grown, but their parents are still extremely protective. When I stepped too close, one of the adults hissed at me! Isaiah thought the whole thing was funny and was thrilled when they headed for the water.

The Lake

Watching the geese

The Lake

We had to keep our distance

Soon, it was time to go home. Isaiah was late for his nap, so he slept most of the way. We had a fun afternoon and will definitely be going back again soon!


In the car


One response to “Time at the Lake

  1. Aww, I love how many animals are included in this post! I love watching kids interact with animals- it’s so precious! 🙂 And the pic of your little guy dancing down the sidewalk had be just oohing and aahing 🙂

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