Magic Show at the Library

My dad was asked to do a little magic show for the kids during story time at the library today. My mom, Isaiah and I walked over to watch. Isaiah has been “helping” my dad practice his tricks for quite a while and loves being involved. Sometimes, he’s a little too involved… (I keep telling my dad that he’s going to have some competition–or a great assistant–by the time Isaiah’s five!)


Waiting for the show to begin

My dad was all set up when we got there and Isaiah, along with all the other kids, wanted to touch everything. Isaiah, knowing how some of them work, would have quickly given away the secrets by trying to perform them himself, so I kept him distracted with books and puppets.


This bear puppet was a great distraction!

Soon, all the kids were sitting still (sort of) and it was time for the show to start. My dad had chosen a lot of tricks that would require some level of involvement from the kids, which they loved. He had more than enough volunteers to be his assistant with various tricks.


Turning $1 bills into $5 bills


Joining rings, rope style

Some of the tricks my dad did involved fire. Needless to say, those were hits! The kids kept asking if he could do more fire tricks. Fire tricks are more expensive, since you burn something every time, so he doesn’t do very many. The kids were pretty quickly distracted by the tricks involving sharp objects–almost as good as fire.


Burning money, only to make it reappear


Putting a giant needle through a balloon (in case you're wondering, that needle is SHARP!)


Cutting a rope, then putting it back together

Overall, the little magic show was quite the success. The kids had a blast. I got to see some tricks he hadn’t done for me before. Isaiah got to “help” a couple times. Of course, all the kids wanted to know how he did stuff. With the exception of one trick, I know the answer, but I’m not telling. Then it wouldn’t be fun anymore!


Isaiah helping with one of the tricks


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