The Rodeo Parade

Every year, on the Sunday of the rodeo, there’s a parade. Since it’s a small town, the parade isn’t especially large, but it’s still fun to go to. I left early to take pictures of the 4-H club setting up their float and find a shady spot to watch from. Soon, I was joined by my parents and Isaiah.


The 4-H float

Isaiah was excited to be watching the parade. As soon as he saw the first float, he started bouncing and pointing. He was especially thrilled when some of the people started throwing candy. It didn’t take long for him to figure out how to run out and collect some. The first time he did it, he was confronted with a small dilema, though–what to do once he had a piece in each hand. He figured out pretty quickly that he could hand it off and grab more.


''Look! There's something coming!''


Picking up candy


Showing off his candy

Isaiah’s favorite parts of the parade were the trucks and horses. Each time a truck came, he’d yell “tuck!” and point to it. He could hardly contain his excitement when a semi came through. It was huge! Isaiah was in heaven.


A cool old truck


Watching with Mama

All too soon, the parade was over and it was time to head for home. Isaiah kept trying to run back out and show us that there was more candy in the road. Sorry, bud, that candy’s been driven over. Yuck! On our way home, we ran into some of the horses from the parade heading back to their trailer. Isaiah loved getting to see them again.


Watching the horses the second time around


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