Suicide Prevention Week Carnival at the Park

My dad’s work put together a bunch of activities for a “Suicide Prevention Week”. I’m not sure what all they did, but today, they held a carnival at the park with lots of inflatables and some crafts. My dad arranged for Isaiah to be able to go over early and try out the inflatables before any of the bigger kids got there, so I brought him over.

Suicide Prevention

The banner on my dad's office building

Isaiah loved the inflatables! He didn’t want to ever come out again. He went from one bounce house to the next, trying out everything. Soon, the kids started coming to play in them, but that didn’t bother Isaiah at all. We know most of the kids in town from our trips to the park and working at VBS, so the kids were all happy to see Isaiah and very careful not to hurt him when he was in the bounce houses.

Suicide Prevention


Suicide Prevention

My dad taking pictures

One of the bounce houses had a ladder and slide. At first, Isaiah seemed completely unaware of the little doorway, but soon, he noticed and had to go check it out. It took him forever to climb to the top the first time, but once he was there, he wanted to do it over and over again. He wouldn’t go down the slide alone, but had no trouble finding kids to volunteer to help him out! They had a blast sticking Isaiah on their laps and sliding down with him.

Suicide Prevention

''Hey! There's a door!''

Suicide Prevention

One of Isaiah's many friends

Most of the crafts were too advanced for Isaiah, but one of them was decorating a bag with fabric markers. I took Isaiah over and drew on one with him on my lap. He doesn’t like to color on anything that doesn’t already have marks, so I drew a dog on the bag while he scribbled with all the different colors. He even mastered getting the lids on and off the markers!

Suicide Prevention

Coloring his bag

Suicide Prevention

Modeling his awesome new bag!

Isaiah was having so much fun with all the activities. I brought him home to take a nap, then we headed back. There were free snow cones at the park, so we shared one to help cool off at one point. He thought they were pretty amazing. He really wanted to hold it himself, but soon the paper cone started getting too soft.

Suicide Prevention

''So this is a snow cone...''

As it got close to supper time, I decided we should probably head for home. We’d been out for most of the day and Isaiah was looking tired. At one point, he actually lay down to rest inside the bounce house! He was so exhausted from all the fun.

Suicide Prevention

Watching all the action

Suicide Prevention

Ok, someone's getting tired!

On our way home, we stopped so he could say “hi” to the horses. Barney was out in the yard “mowing”, so Isaiah got to be close to him. We even climbed up and sat on him for a minute. Well, I sat on him… Isaiah only stayed up for about ten seconds before reaching for Connie to get him down! He had a blast petting Barney, though. Barney was great with Isaiah and seemed to understand that he was little and needed gentle handling. Any time Isaiah started to come close, Barney would drop his head and get very still. He obviously didn’t want to hurt or scare Isaiah. By the time we left, Isaiah had no problem walking right up to Barney, touching his nose, then running back shrieking with pleasure.

Suicide Prevention

Trying to work up the courage to touch Barney

Suicide Prevention



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