Getting Ready for Rodeo

I spent some time over at the rodeo grounds this evening. Everyone’s working hard to get it ready for the rodeo this weekend. I was actually there to help Kaelyn and Kathy take pictures for 4-H, but it was fun to see everyone, too.

Rodeo Cleanup

Chillin' at the rodeo grounds

Today’s big projects were painting the concession stand and mowing/tilling the arena. The grass was over a foot deep in parts of the arena before they started! By the time I left tonight, it was looking much better. The guys spent several hours pulling a tiller with a tractor trying to clear out the grass and one of them walked all the way around the arena using the weed-eater to get the grass around the fence posts.

Rodeo Cleanup


The painting was going along quite nicely. The concession stand is a bright red color that has to be repainted almost every year. This year, they also replaced the badly damaged front panels. It looks all fresh and new, now!

Rodeo Cleanup

Isaiah enjoying the view from the mei tai (and teething on it)

Even the kids were able to find ways to help out. They had fun climbing under the bleachers and into corners, picking up trash. They even found some treasures along the way, like a bird egg that had fallen on the ground. I’m not sure how much trash actually got picked up, but they sure seemed to be having fun!

Rodeo Cleanup

Under the bleachers

It’s so exciting to see everything coming together for rodeo. It’s my favorite event of the year. I can’t believe it’s less than a week away! I won’t miss a minute of it because I’ll be there to take pictures for next year’s rodeo calendar.

Rodeo Cleanup

So tired!

Rodeo Cleanup

Back massages for all!

**Photos by my 4-H photography girls

3 responses to “Getting Ready for Rodeo

    • They were doing extra work this year. They only redo big things when it really needs to be done or some extra money comes along. Since the arena only gets used once a year, it can be in pretty disarray by the time rodeo comes around. The grass looks really nice in pictures, though, when it’s all grown up! 🙂

  1. I grew up in Rodeo land, so looking forward to more pics covering the event! The small town I lived in did a small scale version of the Calgary Stampede called “Whoop’em Up Days”. Good memories. LOL

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