4-H Photography Meeting

We had one of the photography meetings this afternoon. The kids seemed to really have fun. The goal today was to help members get some portraits taken. I showed them some examples before taking them out, then helped them set up the first few shots.

Photography Meeting

Taking a picture

Photography Meeting

Such a cute shot

Soon, there were 4-H’ers in every direction taking pictures. They did a great job of finding creative ways to pose and to get the perfect angle. One of the girls even climbed a fence to get the shot she wanted! I was so proud of them for coming up with so many great shots on their own.

Photography Meeting

Perfect vantage point

The kids got some great pictures during the meeting, but I won’t share any of theirs until after fair is over. I want the images to be new to the judges when they see it. I really love some of the shots they got of Isaiah. He had a blast with a little girl who came along with her sister to be a model. They’re such a cute pair!

Photography Meeting

Taking pictures

Photography Meeting

So pretty


5 responses to “4-H Photography Meeting

  1. How cool! Can’t wait to see the pics they came up with. πŸ™‚ I’ve always thought it would be neat to take a photography course… I know just enough to be amateur. LOL

  2. It’ll be a little while before I can post them (fair’s in August). They did really well! It’s not really a class, though. I’m just helping them to take pictures to enter. I was amazed at the quality they got, considering some had never been shown how to set up a good picture and they were all using point-and-shoot cameras (my worst enemy).

  3. Neat! Is this a local 4H club you’re a part of? I wish they were international and have thought about asking if I could start the first one outside the US πŸ˜€

    • Yeah. I was in the club from the time I was old enough. πŸ™‚ Now I’m the photography leader/web designer/everything else that’s needed. It would be cool if you could start a club! I’d think you can do most of the activities, even if it’s not an official club…

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