Isaiah and DJ

Isaiah thinks his Uncle DJ is about the coolest person who ever lived. He was so excited that DJ was home and able to spend time with him today! DJ happily devoted a large portion of his day to Isaiah. They started their day by making a “tent” out of Isaiah’s table and some blankets. Isaiah found the entire process fascinating, but was a little nervous about going inside. DJ decided that Isaiah would try it if he went first and somehow managed to fit most of his six foot six body under the table. Isaiah thought it was so funny that he had to try it, too!

July 6, 2011

Peeking out of the tent he built with DJ

After lunch, DJ had a couple smoke bombs left to set off, so he brought Isaiah out to do them. Isaiah loves fireworks of all kinds, but especially likes the smoke bombs because they’re quiet. He had fun watching DJ set them off. DJ even showed him how he was making them work (from a safe distance, of course).

Uncle DJ


Uncle DJ

''This is so cool!''

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