Riding Barney

Connie’s been promising that I could ride Barney for a while, but we’ve both been so busy that it just hadn’t happened. Finally, today, we got to go trail riding! We took Barney and Cinnamon out to a place nearby that opens up on holidays for riding and camping. People from all over set up camp with their horses to enjoy the trails.

Riding Barney

The view from the area where people set up camp

As soon as we got there, we unloaded the horses and got them saddled. They were both ready to go. They love trail rides as much as we do! Soon, we were off. Cinnamon was a bit of a goof at first because she doesn’t like gravel roads, but once we got off the gravel, she was happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse walk as slow as she does on hills, though! She hardly moves forward at all because she’s so cautious about where she’s putting her feet (she’s used to some pretty rough terrain). Barney, on the other hand, just wanted to go. He wasn’t real concerned about where he was stepping, as long as it wasn’t a big hole.

Riding Barney

A self portrait...?

We passed a scenic overlook at one spot. We went over to check it out because you can see the flooded river from there. All you could see was water! It was pretty incredible. Usually, the river is just a small section with lots of trees and fields around it. I didn’t get very good pictures, but sitting on a horse that wants to keep moving isn’t exactly ideal for photography.

Riding Barney

The very flooded river

Riding Barney

The view from Barney's back

Barney is a little bit (well, probably a lot) of a wimp. He spent the first ten or so years of his life being a top competitive horse and apparently didn’t spend much time on trails. He spooks over silly things that your average horse wouldn’t think twice about–like mud. Barney, who loves to roll in mud as much as any other horse, can’t stand to get his feet muddy! He’ll go to great lengths to avoid mud. He was so pleased with himself when we encountered a stretch of mud and he was able to find one narrow strip of dry ground to walk on. If you happen to ask him to walk through mud or water, you’re likely to have a very nervous horse on your hands. Cinnamon had to come to the rescue a few times and demonstrate that Barney wouldn’t die if he did something! He was even scared of shadows that some tall grass made.

Riding Barney

Such a beautiful place to ride!

Riding Barney

Me riding (Connie took this one for me)

We had a wonderful time on our ride. The weather was absolutely perfect. Thanks to some rain in the morning, it was cool enough that the horses hardly even broke a sweat. The sun was out, making the area we rode through all the more gorgeous. Connie and I enjoyed talking about horses, Isaiah and whatever else we thought of. I quite enjoyed my time on Barney and can’t wait to ride him again. When this horse trots, you hardly even know it! He’s so smooth and comfortable to ride. I don’t even have any sore muscles from our ride!

Following Cinnamon (the horses each got a turn to follow, where the other horse's tail would knock the flies of their faces)

After our ride, I helped unload the horses and get them back into the pasture. Misty was glad to have her companions back! Barney is a little silly about unloading from the trailer. He apparently is used to riding in small trailers where backing out is the only real option. Now, even when riding in a six horse trailer, he insists on backing all the way out! Cinnamon, on the other hand, takes the more logical approach and walks straight out.

Riding Barney

Barney unloading...

Riding Barney

...and Cinnamon unloading

When I got home, Isaiah was waiting for me. He kept his Grandfather busy while I was gone! As soon as he saw me pulling in, he started bouncing, laughing and calling me. I took a couple pictures, but they didn’t turn out very well, thanks to glare on the window. The second I stepped through the door, Isaiah threw himself at me for hugs and milk. It was nice to have him be so happy to see me. I know he had lots of fun while I was gone, too.

Riding Barney

''You're home!!!!!''

Riding Barney

Isaiah was so excited to see me!


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