A Happy (and Busy!) Independence Day

We had a very busy day! I think Isaiah enjoyed every second of it. Well… every second but the ones spent on noisy firecrackers. He really wasn’t a fan of that!

Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day from me and Isaiah!

Our celebrating actually started last night when DJ came home from work. He bought some fireworks a while ago and set some off yesterday. Isaiah was pretty excited about them. He really likes the fountains because they’re quiet, while still being pretty. He says he can do without whistlers, though.

Happy Fourth!

Helping DJ by shining the flashlight toward him

Happy Fourth!

''Look, Gram! Lights!''

This morning, once everyone was up and dressed (Isaiah and I slept in, thanks to the holiday), we headed outside to set off the fireworks that require daylight. We brought Max and Dusty out for that. Max thinks smoke bombs are the best thing ever created and practically lives for the one day a year that he gets to play with them. Isaiah wasn’t too into getting smoke in his eyes, but he loved watching Max’s reaction! Max barked and tried to attack every bomb that went off. At one point, DJ threw one over Max’s head and he did a flip trying to catch it. He even managed to bite one… Apparently they taste pretty bad. You know, it’s easier to just show you Max’s crazy antics. Here’s a video:

Happy Fourth!

Attacking the smoke bomb

Happy Fourth!

Could this calm and composed dog be the same as the one who was just wildly attacking smoke bombs? Surely not!

Isaiah really likes the flowers and cracklers. Both were bright and not super loud. He watched and pointed to them with great enthusiasm. He would have walked right up to them if we’d let him. Flowers are one of my favorites (of the ones we can do at home, anyway), too. I like the whirring sound they make and the bright colors.

Happy Fourth!

Enjoying the fireworks from my lap

Happy Fourth!

Watching DJ light a parachute

Happy Fourth!

''I have parachutes!!''

When we’d finished setting off the daytime fireworks, we headed inside and my mom made our holiday dinner. We decided to have it for lunch this year because DJ had to work over supper. We had yummy hamburgers and cookie salad. I always look forward to our 4th of July meal–especially the cookie salad!

Happy Fourth!

Watching the fireworks with his Grandfather

After lunch, I had one exhausted toddler on my hands, so I took him to my room for his nap. He fell asleep within minutes and slept for two and a half hours! He never sleeps more than an hour and a half anymore, so this was extremely unusual. It gave me a chance to look through all the pictures that had been taken so far.

Happy Fourth!

Watching Max act like a complete goof

I took Isaiah to a town about twenty minutes away this evening for a parade. He was excited to be outside, but really didn’t get why we were just sitting by the road. As soon as the parade came into sight, though, he was thrilled! First, was the flags. Next was one of my favorite parts of the parade–the firetrucks. I love the big trucks and sirens. Isaiah wasn’t very happy about the sirens after about the second or third emergency vehicle because there were firetrucks and ambulances from several towns in the area. It did get really loud! He was sure excited about the trucks when he first saw them. It prompted him to use his newest word over and over again: truck!

Happy Fourth!

''Why are we standing here?''

Happy Fourth!

Admiring the flags

Halfway through the parade there was a small intermission… One of the Shriners’ cars broke down! Several of them tried to start it again, but it was a no-go. They ended up just rolling him out of the road and continuing without him. (I’ve never seen this happen before and I can’t remember a single parade without the Shriners.)

Happy Fourth!

''Oops! Well, that's embarrassing...''

Isaiah seemed to really like everything in the parade. Every time something with wheels passed, he’d announce proudly, “truck!” He was pretty thrilled about anybody who threw him candy, too. One woman even walked all the way to the curb to hand him a sucker. He shyly signed “thank you” with the sucker in his hand. He got pretty excited when he saw the horses, too!

Happy Fourth!

Watching something big go by

Happy Fourth!


After the parade, we came home and had supper. I kept Isaiah doing some quiet activities like reading and watching a video so he wouldn’t be too exhausted for more fireworks when DJ got home. At one point, Isaiah actually asked me to take him to bed! The poor guy was so tired, but I knew the fireworks would wake him up and it would be harder for him to enjoy it if he’d been sleeping before.

July 4, 2011

Enjoying a snack of (peeled) apple slices while waiting for DJ to get home

As soon as DJ got home, we headed outside to set off fireworks. When Isaiah realized what we were doing, he perked up pretty quickly. He was ready for fun! DJ set off a few bricks of firecrackers first. Isaiah was most definitely not a fan! He didn’t like the loud noise they made. Pretty soon, we’d moved on to other kinds of fireworks and Isaiah was happy to watch. We could see some fancy fireworks being shot off nearby. Isaiah really liked the bright colors. We didn’t buy any of that kind because they’re so expensive, so it was nice that we could see some from our yard.

Happy Fourth!

''Look! Big fireworks!''

Happy Fourth!

Looking a little sleepy, but still enjoying himself

We had an interesting adventure halfway through our fireworks… Some of the strobes DJ got turned out to be dangerous duds. He set off, not one, but two that just started burning! We generally do our fireworks in the gravel in our yard, but there was just enough grass there that when the fireworks didn’t work properly, they were able to start fires. Yikes! Thankfully, we had a bucket of water on hand and they were easy to put out. We did the rest of our fireworks in the street.

Happy Fourth!

Watching a fountain

All too soon, it was time to come inside and get ready for bed. Isaiah is sound asleep already and I will be very soon. We had a very full day and every minute of it was enjoyable. I love celebrating Independence Day. In between all the fun and celebrating, it’s a good reminder to cherish all the freedoms we have here in America. Like the freedom to write this blog. Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth!

''I'm gonna go help Uncle DJ!''

Happy Fourth!

Still watching fireworks...

Just for fun, here are a couple poems about America and our flag that I like.

“That Ragged Old Flag” by Johnny Cash

“America, Why I Love Her” by John Wayne


3 responses to “A Happy (and Busy!) Independence Day

  1. What a fun, long day! Such sweet pictures. I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful day! Thanks for including the poems at the end, too. Great post! 🙂

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