Isaiah’s Two Favorites Combined

Isaiah loves two things, always, without fail: water and playing outside. Usually, those things don’t happen together, but today, they did. Isaiah was in heaven! He didn’t ever want to stop playing with his pool!

Swimming Pool!

This afternoon, I dug out his pool and blew it up in the living room before taking it outside to fill it. My plan was to fill it and let the sun warm the water for a while before letting Isaiah play in it. That didn’t end up happening. Isaiah stood on the back of the couch watching the pool through the window, talking about it. After a while of that and trying to convince him to eat his supper first, I gave in and got him ready to go outside. He had trouble being still to have his diaper changed and get sun screen on.

Swimming Pool!

At first, Isaiah wasn’t quite sure about the concept of getting in the pool. He’s used to getting in the bathtub and playing outside the water table. This was contradictory to both rules. Besides, the water was still a bit cold!

Swimming Pool! Swimming Pool!
Swimming Pool!

Pouring water over the wheel, but mostly missing

Isaiah played from the outside of the pool for quite a while. He had lots of fun scooping water out of the pool, much like he does with his water table. He also discovered he could pour water over other toys and play with the turtle head on the front of his pool. There were so many wonderful things that could be done with the water.

Swimming Pool! Swimming Pool!

Soon, I convinced Isaiah to get into the pool. I stood in it with him at first. I would have sat down, but then there wouldn’t have been much space for Isaiah–it’s a tiny pool! Once he was in, he loved it. He splashed, poured water out of the pool, played with his boats and generally had a blast. At one point, he realized he could get me wet and thought that was pretty awesome. I shrieked and acted like I was scared of getting wet and he started to laugh. As long as I kept majorly overreacting, he kept doing it and having oh so much fun.

Swimming Pool! Swimming Pool! Swimming Pool!

Isaiah was in and out of the pool for close to an hour. He loved playing in the water, but then he’d climb out to explore a little. At one point, my dad came home briefly between work and a meeting and Isaiah followed him around the yard for a little while. He even hitched a ride in the wheelbarrow. He never strayed far from his pool, though. He had to keep checking in with it to make sure it was still filled with that wonderful water.

Swimming Pool!
Swimming Pool!

Looking at the water through his toy

Because it’s an inflatable pool, I emptied it and brought it into the garage before we went inside. I didn’t want the stray cats from our block to pop it while Isaiah was inside. Isaiah was sad to see the water go away. He wasn’t ready to go inside, but he was starting to look tired, so it was time to rest. He watched a video with his Grandfather and headed for bed.

Swimming Pool!

5 responses to “Isaiah’s Two Favorites Combined

  1. I love both his precious smile and his look of intense concentration. How fun! And how brave you are to have your camera that close to a splashy boy. 🙂

    • I was farther away than it seems. 🙂 It has good zoom. He barely hit my feet, then I just moved back a step or two. I tend to take big risks with the camera because I hate the thought of missing a photo op!

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