Isaiah just loves horses. He might even love them as much as I do! He’s still a little nervous around them, but he doesn’t let that stop him from admiring. I drove over to Connie’s house today with Isaiah, hoping that the horses would be in the corral when we got there. So often lately, they’re out enjoying the lush pasture. Today, though, they were in the corral where we could see and pet them.


Isaiah seems to like Barney best, probably because he's a different color

As soon as I pulled Isaiah out of his car seat, he spotted the horses. His face lit up and he started pointing and talking about them. He couldn’t wait to get close! As soon as we got to the fence, he started pointing to the grass because he wanted me to pull some for him. Then, he was feeling to shy to feed the horses himself, so he pointed and chattered, telling me which horse was supposed to receive the grass. He was quite disappointed when Barney didn’t come to the fence for his turn. The thing that truly amazed me, though, was that Isaiah wanted to make sure each horse got an equal amount! He would point to a different horse each time, making sure they each got a turn before starting the pattern over again. I’ve noticed him doing the same thing when sharing his cereal with our dogs.


Misty wants to give him a kiss!

Isaiah had a ton of fun watching the horses and playing in Connie’s yard while I got to have some time to talk with her. I haven’t had much social interaction lately because Isaiah and I have mostly stayed in town. It was so nice to get to talk! Isaiah is getting more confident about exploring, so he wandered around, collecting rocks and talking to the horses. As long as he could see me, he was comfortable in his adventures. Every few minutes, he’d come back to where we were sitting to check in with me. It was a fun afternoon for both of us!




3 responses to “Horses

  1. My kiddos love horses, too. They were pretty upset when we got rid of ours, but they were so expensive to maintain.

    Cute pics BTW,. ❤

  2. I always love reading your blogs and seeing your photos! I was always kinda scared of horses, but my sister really loves them. Your little man has no fear, too!

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