Water Fun!

Last fall, my aunt and uncle gave Isaiah a water table. Their youngest, Azalea, was done with it, so they figured Isaiah could enjoy it for a while, too. We only used it once last year because the weather was already getting cooler when we got it. I got it out for the first time this year today. Isaiah loved it!


Excited to see the water



At first, Isaiah wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, other than stick his hands in the water. Within a few minutes, though, he was splashing water everywhere and playing with the boats that go with it. He loved the boats! I brought out one of his duckies, too, so he splashed with that quite a bit.


''Hey! This part comes off!''


Testing the water

My dad showed Isaiah that he could use things to scoop the water and pour it on things. That was a new revelation for Isaiah. (You’d never know I’d been trying to teach him for ages!) He started out scooping the water up and pouring it into another container, but soon switched to dumping it on the ground!


Learning to scoop


Pouring all by himself

When my dad headed back to work, Isaiah stopped playing long enough to wave at him. I think he would have preferred for my dad to just skip out on work until it was time for Isaiah’s nap. Soon, though, Isaiah was back to playing.


Still getting the hang of pouring


Dumping water on the ground

By the time Isaiah was done playing (only because I told him he really needed to take his nap) there wasn’t much water left in the table. I’m so glad that I can set the water table up outside! It would be an absolute disaster in the house! Isaiah loved that he could scoop the water out and dump it. He tried various techniques for dumping, including slinging the water, spinning in circles while it poured and getting close to the ground to pour it out. At one point, he suddenly noticed that the ground was wet and had to crouch down to examine the wet cement.


Getting fancy!


''What happened to the ground??''

Isaiah playing in the water (Man, those birds are loud!)


4 responses to “Water Fun!

  1. Aww! What a sweet little boy you have. Our little guy is 3 now and he still loves to play in the water. We have a little picnic table on the patio that we use. I give him small buckets and bowls of water. He loves pouring them too. Sometimes we do that with rice or dry beans in the winter inside.

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