Rainy Day Fun

It’s been storming since some time last night. That pretty much cancelled any plans for walks or time at the park, so we had to find things to do around the house. Isaiah didn’t seem to mind much, although he periodically reminded me that we hadn’t been on our walk yet by putting my hat on my head.

Rainy Day

''Well, if you won't wear it, I will. Let's go!''

My mom and DJ were actually home today because it’s one of DJ’s rare days off. That made being stuck at home much more bearable for Isaiah. He was happy to spend time playing with them. My mom had bought some fun things to use during a rainy day, so she pulled them out today. The first thing she got out was bubbles.

Rainy Day


Isaiah has loved bubbles since he was pretty little. He was so excited to see that my mom had pulled some out! He was soon busily entertained chasing bubbles around the room. After a while of chasing, my mom sat down on the floor with him and showed him how to blow bubbles himself. At first, Isaiah thought he was supposed to put the wand in his mouth. Yuck! Pretty soon, though, he was happily blowing bubbles all by himself.

Rainy Day

Getting some help blowing bubbles

Rainy Day

''This is fun!''

Rainy Day

Finally managed to blow bubbles all by himself

Playing with the bubbles

When the bubbles were done, it was time to find another activity. Any time we weren’t doing something, Isaiah would get my hat out again. He knew that his schedule was messed up and he didn’t like it at all! He wanted to go on his walk, rainy and wet or not.

Rainy Day

''It's got to be time to walk now!''

DJ offered to take Isaiah to his room for a while to play with his Wii. Isaiah was all for that! DJ gave Isaiah his extra remote and sat down to play his Pirates of the Caribbean game (I think it’s the Lego version). Isaiah, of course, had no clue that his remote wasn’t connected to the game. He paced the room, squatted down, jumped up, spun in circles and waved the remote around. He was having a blast! He even started doing sword fighting sound effects.

Rainy Day

''Look at me! I'm playing on the Wii!''

Rainy Day

Sword fighting

Isaiah playing with the Wii is definitely better on video! He’s so active and silly. Enjoy!

After playing the Wii for a very long time, it was time to come upstairs again. Isaiah would have played Wii all day if he’d been given the option, but he was getting a little too enthusiastic and DJ was starting to fear for his remote. Isaiah doesn’t fully grasp that he can’t pound the Wii remote and other items into the cement floor…

Rainy Day

Down to avoid something...

Rainy Day

And up to reach something

My mom got some animal coloring books at the dollar store yesterday and Isaiah spotted them on the table. Within a few seconds, he’d managed to pull one down, so my mom grabbed the crayons and they were set for some fun. He concentrated so hard on what he was coloring! He seemed to be trying to stay inside the lines and put his face very close to the page while he colored.

Rainy Day

Coloring very neatly (well, for a toddler, anyway)

During the times that Isaiah was happily engaged in activities with other people, I got to do some sewing. I got some fabric to make another mei tai with my own pattern. I love the fabric and the mei tai turned out really nice. It has polka dots on one side and a nursery-type animal print on the other.

Rainy Day

The two sides of my mei tai (and demonstrating front and back carries)

So, our rainy day went pretty well. Isaiah and I both desperately missed going for our walk, but that’s just life sometimes. Hopefully we’ll have some sunny days again soon! What do you like to do on rainy (or insanely hot/cold) days? I’m always open to ideas for the next time we can’t go out!

June 21, 2011

''Did you have a fun day??''

5 responses to “Rainy Day Fun

    • Oddly enough, it’s been downright cold out the last couple of days, as well as being wet. I enjoy spending some time in the rain if it’s not pouring. This was lovely thunderstorms, though. We even had a tornado warning after Isaiah was supposed to be asleep in bed last night.

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