A Trip to the Library

I think we may have the most toddler-friendly library ever. There are lots of little kid books and toys to play with. I bring Isaiah over there fairly often to pick some books to check out. He loves all the books! He can’t ever decide which ones he should look at first.


So many books to read!

Today, we walked in and he took off in search of the perfect book. I brought the ones he’d borrowed before to the librarian’s desk while he was busy going through all the books. Soon, he’d found a book with lots of animal pictures in it. He was so excited to show me the pretty pictures in it!


''I found animals''

After a few minutes, Isaiah had managed to find a few more good books. If he could have it his way, he’d bring home every book in the library. One thing I really like about this library is how many board books there are for Isaiah to choose from. We still haven’t read them all.


''Which books should I pick this week?''

Isaiah kept busy for a while playing with the various toys. He likes all the toy cars and stuffed animals. He did not want to leave when I told him it was time to go home. He even cried this time. Usually he doesn’t mind too much, but add in teething and it’s a huge emotional event.


''Here's the perfect one!''


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