A Different Park

Isaiah loves to go to the park. It can get kind of boring to go to the same park every day, though. There are several nearby towns with parks, too, so I decided to change things up today and drive to one of them. Isaiah actually put his hat on and brought mine and plopped it on my head after his nap because I wasn’t moving toward going outside fast enough. He seems to think hats are part of going outside, just like shoes, so when he puts his on, it’s his way of saying he’s ready to go.


Not wearing any clothes, but he's got his hat, so he must be ready to go!

At first, Isaiah was very unhappy to have been put in his car seat when he asked to go for a walk. When I got him out at the park, though, his whole face lit up. It’s a wonderful park, designed just for little kids! Everything is a little smaller than our park and there are fewer places for him to fall off the equipment. When we first got there, Isaiah just stared at all the wonderful things like he couldn’t decide what to do first.


''So... Much.. STUFF!''

Soon, Isaiah had spotted the perfect place to play. It was an old truck climbing apparatus. He headed straight up the stairs and sat down at the top of the slide. He knew exactly what to do! After a few seconds of telling me about it, he pushed himself down the slide. Then, back to the top and repeat several times. After a little while, I showed him that he’d missed the best thing about it. He hadn’t realized it was a truck yet! When I put him in the front and showed him the steering wheel, he was in heaven. He drove wildly and chattered about it.


Climbing onto the truck


''Look out! Toddler, comin' through!''

Driving the truck

After a while, Isaiah decided he was done driving. He wandered across the park with me to a fire station and firetruck. It didn’t take him long to discover that this truck also had a steering wheel. Soon he was driving it in search of fires. Every few minutes, he’d stop and wave at me through the window. Isaiah had so much fun driving that firetruck!


Driving the firetruck


Waving and enjoying the view as he drives

Next, it was time to check out the fire station. There’s a little bridge that connects the truck to the building. Isaiah was quickly across the bridge and peeking at me through the fire station windows. He had lots of fun making silly faces at me! Inside the fire station was pretty boring aside from windows for making faces in, so he headed back outside after just a couple minutes. Once he was outside, he noticed that there is a dog on the front of the station. That was certainly exciting for him! He kept touching it and saying “dog” while showing it to me.


''I'm going into the fire station now!''


Silly face!



The only thing left that he hadn’t explored yet was the main climbing equipment. We headed over to it and Isaiah was quick to start climbing up the steps. When he reached the top, he realized he could see the other kids at the park playing in another area. He told me all about it, then moved to looking at a moving toy attached to the railing. It had animals on it and a piece that turned so you could see what country the animals are from. He couldn’t read the words, but he loved that it moved! After a minute playing there, he noticed that there was a girl underneath him. He could see her through the holes in the floor and spent a while talking to her. She looked up at him and played along for a while before moving on to the next thing.


Up the steps


''There's a girl down there...''

Isaiah loves slides. When he was done playing with the girl, he decided it was time to go down. The first couple times, he sat down and came down the slide on his bottom. Then, he discovered there was an even better way to do it–feet first, lying on his tummy! He went down the slide a couple times, then I pointed out that if he went to the other end, there was another one.


Enjoying the slide


''Hey! This way's better!''

Isaiah was very interested in the other slide and headed toward it immediately. The only catch was the two sections are connected by a tunnel. I wasn’t sure if he’d go through the tunnel because the last time he encountered one, he was afraid of it and wanted me to go through with him. Since this playground is meant for smaller kids, I couldn’t fit through the tunnel. I went to the other end and called him. Soon enough, he’d decided that it wouldn’t bite him and came through. He ended up liking it so much that he went through more than once! He might have even liked it more than the slides.

Deciding whether to go through the tunnel



As wonderful as the slides and tunnel were, Isaiah really liked the firetruck. He headed back over to drive it again. Once he got there, though, he was so tired from all the excitement that he ended up just leaning on the wheel, clutching his teddy bear! I figured that was a pretty good sign that it was time to go home, so I led him over to the van to get him into his car seat.


Getting sleepy (although he'd never admit it!)

Just before I put Isaiah into his seat, I heard a train coming. The park is only half a block from the tracks and Isaiah loves trains, so instead of getting in the van, we walked around to the other side where he could watch the train. He was so excited! He’d never seen one so close before. I didn’t take him super close, though, because it was moving and I didn’t want him to get away from me and get hurt. I also didn’t want the noise and vibrations to overwhelm or scare him and crush his excitement over trains.


Watching the train with his teddy


Totally amazed! I'm glad he got to see it.

Once the train was gone, we got into the car and headed for home. Isaiah was in a wonderful mood after his fun afternoon. He sang the entire way home! We’ll definitely have to go to this park again soon. We’ll still visit our local park a lot because it’s within walking distance. I need the exercise and we need to save the gas money. This one was just so perfect for a toddler like Isaiah, though! I’m glad I decided to take him.

6 responses to “A Different Park

  1. My DD would so love this – especially the steering wheel (she always wants to ‘drive’ the real one). Now I just need to find a playground that isn’t full of rough big kids!

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