Our Daily Outing

I’m going to be in trouble when there’s a day that we can’t go on our regular outings. Isaiah and I make sure to leave the house at least once a day, sometimes more. We both have a serious need for our trips outdoors and I shudder to think what we’ll do when the weather prevents us from going.


Sleepy boy

Today, we had two shorter outings, instead of one long trip. For the first trip, I decided to bring our corgi, Max, along. Max is several years old, but, due to being so busy, has never been completely trained. He’s a friendly, well-behaved dog, he just has no idea about things that many dogs think are just normal, such as heeling when he walks and sitting when we reach a street corner.



I slipped a couple doggie treats in my pocket, tied Isaiah securely on my back in his mei tai, put Max’s leash on him, grabbed my keys and we headed out the door. Wow! I’m tired just typing that! Could there possibly be more steps to prepare for a simple walk? Once we were outside, I gave Max a few minutes to “do his business” before starting out. As soon as he realized we were actually going to leave the property, Max tried to take off. Sorry, bub! Not happening this time! The first half a block was a constant stream of “heel, Max. Good dog!” over and over again, constantly being reinforced by leash cues. By the time we reached the first corner, Max was staying at my side pretty nicely. By the time we got home, Max was obeying the “heel” command without a second thought, sitting at each corner with just a spoken reminder and coming back to my side after a little wandering when I said “come to me.” Not bad for one walk! We didn’t even go very far.


Walking nicely beside me

Somewhere along the way, Isaiah went from laughing at my constant stream of commands and chatter to dozing on my back. It was definitely getting close to nap time! He was nearly asleep when we got to the house. Once we were inside, I took him off my back and settled in with him on my bed to nurse to sleep.


Dozing on my back

This evening, I was bored and Isaiah had lots of energy, so I decided we needed to get out of the house before he started doing any serious damage. I loaded up a couple toys and put Isaiah in the car seat. We drove to the rodeo arena so I could take pictures. I was aiming for portraits, but Isaiah had other things in mind. He didn’t want to pose and look cute. He wanted to play and explore!


Refusing to sit on his horse... Oh, well!


''Are you following me or not?''

While I didn’t get my portraits, I did get some cool artistic pictures. Isaiah carried his kitten around the entire arena while he explored. The sun was in the perfect spot to create beautiful lighting for the pictures. I got quite a few that I really like.


''I don't wanna pose!


''I got your hat!''

Toward the end of our adventure, Isaiah decided he needed to nurse. I found a spot that was fairly comfortable to sit and let him snuggle in for his snack. Somehow, I managed to get my bulky camera in the right position to get some cute pictures of him nursing. Then, he was off again for more adventures!




My favorite picture from the day

Isaiah and I stopped by to see if the horses were in the corral on our way home. Misty and Barney were hanging out where he could pet them and he was thrilled. He spotted them the second I took him out of the van. Getting to pet Misty was a good end to our little outing.




He's wearing my amber bracelet until his teething necklace arrives


4 responses to “Our Daily Outing

  1. We’re the same way — HAVE to get out of the house every day. It was POURING rain today so we were only out an hour or so and it was way more exhausting to watch a toddler at home! And so much more to clean up once she went to bed!

    I love the camo dipe, btw, did you make it?

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