Learning Colors

My mom made some shapes out of colored fun foam so that Isaiah can use them to learn shapes and colors. When she was done cutting them out, she spread out all the rectangles on the coffee table. She picked one up and asked him to find one like it, identifying the color while he looked. Isaiah had a fun time trying to match his colors!


''This is a great new game!''


Trying to decide what color it is

After a while, matching the colors correctly wasn’t interesting anymore and Isaiah decided that he should just collect all the pieces. He seemed to enjoy pointing to the wrong one, then scooping it up before he could be corrected. Each time he snatched up a piece, he’d grin at my mom!


''I found it!''


A matched set

I’m glad Isaiah likes his new shapes. They should help him learn his shapes and colors more easily. I always get frustrated with toys that are supposed to teach them because if I say something is a square, how does he know whether I’m describing the shape or the color? With the pieces my mom made, they can all be one shape or one color so that the identifying factor is the only thing that’s different. Once he’s mastered that, it will be easier to use the other toys.


Pretty colors


Must collect all the pieces!


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