The Park and New Friends

I took Isaiah to the park this evening. He seems to sleep better if I let him get some fresh air and burn energy before bed. When I asked if he wanted to go, he grabbed his stuffed kitten and headed for the door. I still needed to put my shoes on and didn’t follow immediately, so he turned to me and started waving. I guess he was going whether I came or not!


''I'm going now!''


All set to leave for real

When we got to the park, there were quite a few kids on the equipment already. As soon as I took Isaiah out of his mei tai, he was off to see them. He was so excited to see kids. Some of them had been to VBS, so they recognized us and waved. By the time we got to the equipment, they’d come down to talk to me and play with Isaiah.


''I see kids!!''

Isaiah was excited to join the kids to play. He was immediately in the middle of all the activity. The kids all wanted their picture taken because I was carrying my big camera. I took some pictures of the kids and lots of Isaiah. He couldn’t decide whether the kids or the rocks on the end of the slide were more interesting.


Watching the kids play

Soon enough, Isaiah was ready to start climbing. First, he tried to follow the kids straight up the slide. Since the kids were right there, too, there was no way I was going to let him. It would have been too easy for him to get knocked off since he was so much slower than the bigger kids. He was a little disappointed, but soon forgot about it.


''Look! They're climbing''


''My turn!''

When I led Isaiah away from the slide, he noticed some older girls playing on the monkey bars. He’d never seen anything quite like it. He thought they were absolutely incredible and stood under them just staring. At one point, he tried to get right under them and I had to pull him out of the way before he got kicked. He had no idea that he was even in a bad spot!



I brought Isaiah over to the steps so he could get up on the equipment. It didn’t take him long to climb all the way up. There was no way he was going to stop to check out the view for even a second. He had a goal in mind: the big, red tornado slide! He carried his kitten all the way to the top. I made him stop and wait for me to sit before going down because he hasn’t quite figured out how to go down the slide without flipping onto his face yet. He giggled the entire way down the slide, so he must have liked it!


Up he goes...


Still climbing...

After the slide, we walked to the other end of the playground to where an old donkey stands. Isaiah, of course, wanted on, but was too short to climb up. I set him on it only to find that his legs are so short that he couldn’t even put his feet on the posts. That didn’t stop him from riding, though. He just found a spot where he could catch his feet and rocked it as hard as he could. It was almost as good as a real horse! He stayed on the donkey for quite a while before moving on.


''I'm a cowboy!''

Isaiah wanted my camera, so I handed him my smaller one that he uses to take pictures. He carried it across the park, but as soon as the kids rejoined us, he forgot about taking pictures. When he didn’t want the kids to follow him anymore, he announced “hi hi” (his version of “bye bye”) and waved at them. They understood the opposite of what he meant and followed him everywhere he went. Pretty soon, he’d obviously had enough, so I asked if he wanted to go home. His reply was a very enthusiastic “uh-huh” and reaching up to be put back into the mei tai.


Following one of the kids


''Make them stop following me!!''

We walked home and were just getting settled in for a snack when my dad got home from his school board meeting. Talk about good timing! Isaiah was thrilled to see him and played with him for a while so I could look at my pictures.


Telling the kid a story about something


5 responses to “The Park and New Friends

    • Aww! Thanks! 🙂 He’s so fun. I love getting out with him. It gives him fun things to do that don’t get him into trouble/danger. It makes both our lives easier and happier.

  1. It warms my heart to read your posts about you and your little one’s adventures! What a fun time at the park! And the pictures are wonderful. You really captured his expressions so well.

    • Our park’s equipment isn’t the greatest, so I have to stay right with him all the time, but it’s better than nothing. It sure helps get out that insane urge to climb everything!

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