Walks are Fun

Isaiah collected his hat, went to the door and started signing “please, please” this evening. He decided he needed to go for a walk before bed! It wasn’t quite his bed time yet, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything to take him. I got out his mei tai and asked him whether he wanted to ride on the front or back. He walked up, went behind me and started patting my back, so he rode there.


He insisted he needed to wear his hat, even though he wasn't wearing anything else (except a diaper)

After we’d been walking for a while, Isaiah started trying to snuggle down against me. It wasn’t working very well for him, so I asked if he wanted to move to the front. The answer was a very enthusiastic “uh-huh!” so we stopped and I moved him around. He spent the next part of the walk with his head snuggled down against my chest, just cuddling.


''Look, Mama, I see kids!''

We walked passed the park on our way home. As soon as he saw the play equipment, Isaiah started pointing and telling me about it. He wasn’t wearing his shoes (this being an impromptu walk and all), so he couldn’t get down to play. We compromised and I sat on a swing with him still in the mei tai. He thought that was a pretty good idea and grabbed onto the chains while we sat there swinging for a few minutes.


On the swings

As soon as we got home, it was time for bed. I got him into his nighttime diaper and gave him some water since it was fairly hot outside. He ended up falling asleep with his sippy cup in the bed! As he does every night, he settled into his bed and nursed until he fell asleep. It took a lot less time tonight after a busy day.


Looking up at a streetlight. He thought it was amazing and leaned back as far as he could to look up at it.

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