More VBS and a Picnic

**Be prepared for picture overload!**

Today was the second day of VBS. Isaiah stayed home this time because my mom was able to stay with him. He was definitely missed! The lesson today was about Jesus being the Good Shepherd, so the kids made a sheep “mask” on a paper plate. Well… That’s what we planned for them to do, anyway. They did all kinds of creative things with their plates and cotton balls!


Her mask ended up having a face on it


Gluing lots of cotton balls to her sheep


Crafts are just better when done from a leader's lap

Since today’s craft was less complicated, I was able to slip away a few times and take pictures of the kids playing outside and eating snacks, while learning their memory verse. I had a lot of fun watching the kids play and interact outside! They were playing baseball today. Some kids just played on the swings or had their nails painted in a shady spot, though.


Trying to kick the ball over the building--and succeeding!!


The swings are always a hit

When VBS was over, I went home briefly. I downloaded my three hundred pictures from VBS and got Isaiah ready to go over to the park. Since I’d been on my feet all day, Isaiah and I drove to the park. My parents walked over and met us there. When Isaiah saw them coming, he was so excited! He took off running to them. If I hadn’t grabbed him, he would have raced right into the street. Not the best plan on earth…


A ''hat''


More time on the swings is in order


A bunch of the people who came to the picnic (with me and Isaiah at the end of the table

Isaiah had a blast at the picnic! Quite a few kids from VBS came and a few even brought their parents. A few other people from the community came out, too, including my friend, Connie. Isaiah was sure happy to see her. The picnic food was hotdogs, watermelon and chips. Isaiah had never had a watermelon before, so I wasn’t sure what he’d think. I took a slice big enough to share and let him taste. He ended up eating half the slice, then most of a second one!


So excited to see Gram!


''Who needs a hat? Not me!''

There was so much going on at the park during the picnic. Isaiah had trouble staying in one place for more than a second. Since my parents and I were spread out over the park talking to different people, Isaiah spent his time racing between us and Connie. Half of the time, he had his watermelon with him, stopping to snack every once in a while.


Me and Isaiah enjoying the picnic


Yummy watermelon!


Isaiah talking to Connie


Supper was yummy!

The missions team had brought face paints for the kids, so I helped paint faces for quite a while. I’m not exactly skilled at it, but these kids just think it’s fun to get their faces painted and to help paint their friends faces and hands. Before all the kids came over to get their faces done, I caught Isaiah and painted a puppy face on him. If he thinks he’s a dog, he might as well look like one, too, right? He was sure a cute puppy!

4 (1)

The face-painted wonder


Isaiah and his Grandfather

All too soon, it was time to head for home. I think Isaiah and all the other kids would have stayed all night if they could have. Everyone was having so much fun! We really need to do things like this more often.


Mmm... Cupcake!


I think the watermelon was Isaiah's favorite part

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