And So it Begins: VBS

Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School (aka, VBS). We handed out lots of flyers yesterday. Many kids remembered VBS from previous years and were excited to come. Today we had around 30 kids come. Not bad for the first day!



I brought Isaiah with me because my parents had to be various places and couldn’t babysit. He didn’t mind at all! He seemed to quite enjoy being at VBS and I was still able to help out. I even managed to get some pictures.


Leading singing

VBS starts with everyone together to sing some songs and listen to a Bible story. The kids love any song with fun actions. They’re usually pretty enthusiastic about joining right in, even if they don’t know any of the words. They sat quietly and listened to the story after they finished singing. Today’s story was the parable about the man who found a treasure in a field and sold everything to buy the field.


Singing from the mei tai


Singing and doing the actions to the songs

After the story, we said a prayer and split the kids into three groups. I was working with the kids on crafts. I helped them decorate boxes to be their own special treasure chests. I also made sure everyone made a clay handprint that they’ll paint later in the week. Isaiah alternated between riding in the mei tai on my back, following me around with a stuffed animal and coloring. At one point, he got his hands on a marker… Needless to say, he did more coloring on himself than the paper!


Carefully writing her name on her craft


Making her box pretty

The kids also had snacks, yogurt with fruit “treasures” in the bottom, and spent time outside doing a treasure hunt. I didn’t really get to see any of that, although I did slip out long enough to take a few pictures at one point. They seemed to be really enjoying it! While they ate their snacks, they worked on their memory verse for the day, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”


Coloring a picture while I worked


Playing Outside

Everybody had so much fun today! I’m looking forward to hanging out with the kids again tomorrow. We’ll have more fun crafts to do. Maybe tomorrow will be a little easier for Isaiah to participate in. I sure wasn’t going to hand him glue and glitter to play with! That would have been quite the mess to clean up…


''Is it ok if I just eat my craft?''


One response to “And So it Begins: VBS

  1. Glad to see that VBS is off to a great start this year. I wish I could have made it up there this year, but things didn’t work out that way. My prayers are with all of you guys.

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