Talking on the Phone

My mom has been gone through all of DJ’s shifts at work this week because there are severe floods expected and he needs to be able to get out quickly. Isaiah misses her so badly when she’s gone! If she’s not home at bed time, we call her so Isaiah can say “goodnight” to her.


Listening carefully

As soon as I get out the phone, Isaiah gets so excited! Tonight, he’d carried it off and I couldn’t find it. When I asked what he’d done with it, he led me to where it was stashed and waited impatiently while I called my mom. As soon as he hears her voice over the phone, his whole face lights up!


Telling Gram about his day

I’m not sure what Isaiah says when he talks to my mom, but he sure has a lot to say! He chatters at her and tries to sign to her. If only we could afford video phones, then he’d be able to have a more complete conversation with her. It’s so cute, watching him hold the phone out in front of him to sign things to her. He seems to think that she can see through the phone, even though he can’t see her.


Waving ''Bye-bye''

Isaiah is never happy to hang up from his phone calls. It takes a little convincing before he announces “hi-hi” (he’s convinced that’s the same as “bye-bye”) and waves at the phone.


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