Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere Dogs!

I needed to take some CDs of pictures to Nikki for her dog rescue this morning. Since my mom was mowing, I took Isaiah along with me. I wasn’t sur what he’d think when he saw all the dogs. Every time I’ve gone out there, I’ve been immediately surrounded by a sea of dogs all jumping and barking for attention.

Sheila & Bertha

Dogs! Always happy to have company


Isaiah started yelling ''dog'' as soon as he saw them

I took Isaiah out of his carseat after already having been jumped on by at least one dog. I carried him to the house so he couldn’t get knocked over by enthusiastic canines. When we got to Nikki, Isaiah started squirming to get down. I set him down, expecting him to immediately want back up, but was pleasantly surprised when he joined the dogs in their play. Within seconds, he was in the middle of a swarm of dogs being kissed by all of them. He was in heaven! He was petting as many of them as he could. Then, Isaiah spotted some other dogs on the other side of a gate. Of course, he wanted them to join in the fun, so he decided to call them–by barking! He stood by the gate, hollaring “woof, woof, woof” as loud as he could. Nikki started cracking up and yelled for her husband to come and see. Isaiah loved all the attention and started barking even more! I swear, my son thinks he’s a dog!


Kisses from a dog


Isaiah started barking and this dog looked at him like she'd never seen anything like it in her life!

The dogs followed us around the house and Isaiah never took his eyes off of them. Every time we passed a dog, he had to stop and pet it. He would stand with his face tipped toward the dog, hoping for a kiss. A couple of the dogs really love kids and they were happy to follow his every move, staying close enough for lots of cuddles.


Giving kisses to one of the dogs


Receiving a few more puppy kisses

Needless to say, Isaiah was very sad when I told him we needed to go home. Some of the dogs tried to get in the van with us. They really loved having a toddler come to visit them!


Following dogs through the house


Looking at all the dogs outside with a furry companion


4 responses to “Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere Dogs!

    • This place is pretty awesome. 🙂 The dogs are out on their acreage. They have cages to stay in when they need to, but when at least one of them is home, the dogs get to be outside to play or even in the house. They get pretty spoiled. The couple’s grandkids love to come and play with the dogs, too.

  1. I love how fearless he is around the dogs! My son would have been FREAKING OUT at that age. He still isn’t a big fan of dogs… but cats and birds? A whole other story. LOVES them… Kids are funny, huh? LOL

    • We have two dogs at home. They’re both fairly small (the big one is a 30 pound corgi), but it definitely helped him get used to dogs. 🙂 Our two dogs can be more overwhelming sometimes than the whole crew at the rescue. Those dogs were mostly calm while we were there! Our dogs wrestle and, since they live with us, Isaiah sees it all. 😉

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