Bedtime Reading with Gram

Isaiah loves reading. Sometimes, sitting still for the whole story can be a challenge, but he still loves to have people sit down with his favorite books. He loves Dr. Seuss books right now because of the rhythms and rhyming.

Reading with Gram

Reading time! (He's teething, so his fingers are always in his mouth)

Sometimes, when my mom sits down to read Isaiah’s bedtime story, he doesn’t want to sit down with her because he’s afraid he’ll fall asleep. When he doesn’t want to come close, my mom will “read” to one of the pets. Isaiah always gets jealous after a few minutes and joins in.

Reading with Gram

''Reading'' to Gracie

Reading with Gram

Getting jealous...

Usually, Isaiah starts out hanging back a little bit or sitting next to my mom while she reads. It seems to be his attempt at staying awake and alert, in spite of extreme fatigue. He knows it’s nearly bedtime, but he’s never quite ready to give up the fight against sleep!

Reading with Gram

Sitting by Gram

Once Isaiah has settled in to read, he’s pretty engrossed in the story. He seems to especially enjoy the patterns in many of the Dr. Seuss books. His favorite seems to be “Mister Brown can Moo, Can You?” He even tries to mimic some of the sounds that Mr. Brown makes. It’s so fun to watch!

Reading with Gram

I think this is one of Isaiah's favorite times with his Gram


2 responses to “Bedtime Reading with Gram

  1. I loved that book as a kid. 🙂 My dh reads to ds every night. It’s so much fun now that ds can read too! They finished a couple Narnia books recently and now they are starting on the Adventure 5 by Enid Blyton.

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