Severe Weather

We’re getting some bug storms here. At the moment, we’re hanging out in DJ’s room in the basement because the wind was pretty bad. No tornado sirens, but it sounded like there may be one anyway. Our local sirens almost never go off, even for tornados. This is the second time it’s been this bad this year, although we’ve been under watches more days than not, with lots of thunderstorms.

Sadly, Isaiah woke up when I wentto get him from his bed. It didn’t help that I’d scooped Thomas up when he tried to shoot past me. I carried the two of them downstairs and we settled in. Getting down here was definitely challenging! I had a squirming, terrified cat draped over one arm and a drowsy, scared, half-swaddled toddler wrapped in the other.


Branches we found down in the morning

Isaiah is now happily running around the basement. He’s been alternating between cuddles with me, playin on DJ’s iPad, and harassing pets. At least he’s not too overly concerned!

I’m making this post from my iPod and feeling a little sad that I didn’t have a free hand for the computer. I had great pictures ready to be uploaded with a story about Isaiah and mmom. Now I guess I’ll have to way until tomorrow to share. *sigh* Hopefully we’ll be safe to get upstairs and to bed soon. I hope all my readers are safe! These tornadoes are downright icky!


More branches...


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