I Made a Mei Tai!

Isaiah’s beloved mei tai is already starting to show some wear. I think he’s just too heavy for the fleece. I couldn’t even imagine giving it up with how much he loves being in it, so I needed another one. For now, the fleece one still works and he still loves to ride in it, but I decided to make a cotton one so I’d have an extra. My mom pointed out that having two has several advantages, like if Isaiah’s diaper leaks and one has to be washed, I can use the other until it’s clean and I have the option of actually storing one in the car so I’m never caught without it.

Mei Tai

The mei tai I made

I have lots of fabric floating around because I’ve always got a craft idea, but don’t always follow through on making whatever it is I bought the fabric for. It was easy to find some fabric that was big enough for a mei tai. Actually, it was going to be curtains for my room… I accidentally ended up with two different prints to make curtains from and, obviously, only need one for my room. So, the extra fabric became a mei tai. That’s fine with me because it’s a beautiful horse print!

I found a pattern and cut the pieces out last night. I actually did some of the pinning last night, too. I really should have been sleeping… This afternoon, Isaiah played with my mom while I sewed the pieces together. It was really easy to make! I sewed the straps and ironed them so they’d be nice and crisp while I was attaching them to the body of the carrier. Once the straps were pinned exactly where I wanted them, I carefully sewed them into place using a box with an “X” through it to make sure it would be sturdy. That left me with attaching the front. I sewed it on with a double row of stitches (just because I could, since I was using a contrasting thread) and my mei tai was finished.

Mei Tai

Isaiah was happy to ride in it

Isaiah couldn’t wait to get into the mei tai! It’s been chilly and rainy all day. After supper there was a brief time that it wasn’t actually raining, so I put Isaiah in the mei tai and off we went. It was a really short walk since it was pretty cool out (worthy of wearing jackets). He loved every second, though!


9 responses to “I Made a Mei Tai!

    • I can’t remember how long they ended up… I made them really long, then cut them after I’d tried the carrier on so they’d be right for me. I can measure them tomorrow if I remember. Right now, the carrier is in the room with a sleeping toddler.

  1. I’m impressed and encouraged that it was easy to make! Looks just like my favorite (store-bought) mei tai, maybe I can make my own in a fabric I like better.

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