An Eventful Walk

Isaiah and I had several hours this afternoon when no one else was home. Rather than just sitting around the house with nothing to do, I decided to take him for a walk. He was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to go. He tried to head straight out the door, but couldn’t get out since he’s too short to open it. I told him he needed shoes to go out, so he grabbed the first pair of shoes he saw–mine! He put them on and tried to walk in them, but it didn’t go too well. Once he’d realized he needed his own shoes, he was fine with getting his diaper (and his shirt) changed and shoes on.

Our Eventful Walk

Wearing my shoes

We headed for the rodeo grounds, first. Isaiah loves it when I take him there because there’s lots of room for him to run. I like it because once we’re in the fence, he’s pretty well contained and it makes a great background for my pictures. Isaiah brought his baby with him, hugging it in the mei tai.

Our Eventful Walk

Isaiah and his baby riding in the mei tai

Once we got to the rodeo grounds, I took Isaiah out of the mei tai and put him down on some old wooden bleachers. He thought they were pretty cool. He especially liked the big metal bolts holding them together. After he played on those for a while, I brought him into the arena and turned him loose. He went straight for the tall, yellow flowers that grow in the arena. He thinks they’re the best thing ever. He always picks a bunch of them to look at and share.

Our Eventful Walk

Red hair

Our Eventful Walk

Just cuteness!

Our Eventful Walk

Smelling/tasting a flower

Our Eventful Walk

I think this is my favorite picture from today

Our Eventful Walk

Snack break!

Isaiah started getting tired from running in all directions, so I put him back into the mei tai. We walked across town to where my friend lives. She wasn’t home, but her horses were in the corral. They were all happy to see me (they were especially interested in my offer of fresh-picked grass) and came to the fence. Isaiah didn’t want to touch them, but he was excited to get to watch them. They were all in good moods and wanted lots of scratching. Misty came and tipped her head so I could reach to scratch her between the ears. I took a few pictures of them, but it’s really hard to choose good angles and such when you’re stuck behind a fence! I didn’t want to go in with Isaiah because the girls like to harass Barney and I didn’t want to get us stuck in a dangerous position. Normally, I don’t worry about it much, but I don’t want to put Isaiah in any danger.

Our Eventful Walk

Barney looking pretty

Our Eventful Walk

Cinnamon wanted lots of attention!

Our Eventful Walk

Misty wanted to taste the camera...

On our way home, Isaiah and I walked through the park. We came across a little girl who was crying hysterically calling “Mama” at the top of her lungs. We went over to her and asked if she knew where her mama was. It took her several minutes to calm down enough to tell me that her mom was by the baseball field next to the park. I offered to walk her over and she led me in that direction, still crying a little. When we got to the field, she started to cheer up and showed me that her sister was on the field. We found her mom easily and she went running over for a hug. Her mom was glad that she’d been able to get there safely. I’m always happy to help. I hate to see children so scared. There’s no way I could just walk away! Once the girl was safely back with her mom, it was time to head for home.

Our Eventful Walk

Isaiah almost fell asleep on the way home

When we got home, I took Isaiah off my back and got us some water. Since our air conditioner isn’t working, it was just as hot inside as it had been outside, so I turned the box fan on as high as it would go. I lay down in front of it so it would blow on my face and encouraged Isaiah to do the same. He loved it!

Our Eventful Walk

Enjoying the cool breeze from the fan

Overall, it was a fun walk. Much more eventful than I’d originally planned, but still good. Isaiah had a blast and was very ready to go to sleep at bedtime! I even got some good exercise out of the deal.


6 responses to “An Eventful Walk

  1. That’s so cute of him in front of the fan. Does a box fan make the same noises as the round ones when you go “ahhhhh” into it?? Like robot sounds? That was always my favourite part of fans 😉

  2. An eventful walk indeed! I love the way it was eventful — not tragic, not crazy, just a special day between a Mama and her child 🙂

    My favorite photo is him smell/tasting the flowers. That’s what my DD does with all the plant life she discovers on our nature walks! How old is Isaiah? The two tickers are different. I think he’s a few weeks older (or month or so) than my daughter but he always seems so much more advanced in his developments, it’s fun to keep up with your blog and see what’ll be next for my little one!

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