Bedtime Routine

Bedtime has been much easier for Isaiah since we got his toddler bed. Since he’s not just falling asleep in someone’s lap anymore, we’ve established a routine and he expects it to be followed to the letter. If I do something out of order, he has to go back and do it again after whatever it was that we skipped. Tonight, he gave my mom a hug before brushing his teeth, so after his teeth were done, he went running out for another hug!

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is a good thing now!

Isaiah’s routine is pretty simple. He collects a book or two to read with my mom, then usually comes over to show it to me, too. Once he’s done reading, it’s time for him to get dressed for bed. Lately, it’s so hot in the house that “getting dressed” really just means taking his day clothes off and putting on his overnight diaper.

Bedtime Routine

''Are you ready to read to me now, Gram?''

Once he’s dressed for bed, Isaiah heads to the bathroom so he can brush his teeth. I sit down on the floor and he lies down and puts his head in my lap so that I can brush his teeth for him. When I’m done, I give him the toothbrush so he can do it for himself. That way, his teeth get clean, but he still gets to learn to do it, too. Tonight he even brushed his baby’s teeth!

Bedtime Routine

Brushing his teeth

Bedtime Routine

Brushing Baby's teeth

After we brush Isaiah’s teeth, it’s officially bed time. He comes out to the living room one last time to give my mom hugs and kisses. Then he collects his baby and we head to his room. He’s always happy to lead me to his room where he lays his baby down on the bed and climbs in. Once he’s in, he chatters at me quietly until I let him nurse. Most nights, by the time he’s finished nursing, he’s soundly asleep with his baby. It’s so sweet.

Bedtime Routine

Tucking Baby into bed

Bedtime Routine

''Ok, Mama! I'm ready!''

Having a bedtime routine established really helps Isaiah. Now he knows that it’s time to wind down ahead of time. When he didn’t have a set routine, it was really hard for him to transition from play to sleep. Since he knows that bedtime is coming now, he’s already mostly calmed down and relaxed before he even gets to his bed.

Bedtime Routine

Sleeping sweetly in his bed


6 responses to “Bedtime Routine

  1. Sounds like a fun routine, no wonder he wants to follow it to the letter. He is so gorgeous too πŸ™‚

  2. When do you begin your routine? Ours is too often “get out of the booster seat from dinner, run into the bedroom with crying baby, nurse, asleep” which “works” but isn’t much fun!

    • Isaiah doesn’t go to bed until between 8:30 and 9 (depends on the day and how tired he is), so we don’t start the routine until close to eight. He doesn’t have much patience, so reading time rarely lasts more than five minutes, then the rest is pretty quick. The reading time seems to really help. He likes it if his doll is involved in the routine, too. He brushes his baby’s teeth, then I get to brush both their teeth, things like that. It seems kinda silly sometimes, but if it works, I’m not arguing! πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m also a big fan of a consistent bedtime routine. It helps my kids so much. I brush my toddler son’s teeth in a similar way. Flossing this way is great, too, by the way. I’ve also found some good info on this Mom’s Guide, if you want to check it out. Thanks again for an encouraging post. It’s so nice when our parenting efforts are successful!! πŸ™‚

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