I Think I’m Addicted…

…to buying stuff from eLeMeNO Pee! It all started with listening to my friend, Laura, raving about her adorable cloth diapers. Then, she started posting pictures of her toddler in them! They were so much cuter than the disposables Isaiah was wearing. I hadn’t really even considered cloth diapers because I didn’t know there was anything but the old fashioned ones my mom had used. I had so much to learn!

Pretty soon, I had decided that I was going to buy some cloth diapers for Isaiah. I got my first batch from CutiePoops because eLeMeNO Pee hadn’t started doing online sales yet. I was instantly in love! If I could afford it, I’d buy a ton more diapers and try out every style there is. Thankfully, thanks to interest of several people online, eLeMeNO Pee has started online sales with their reps. Laura was happy to help me find some new overnight diapers when Isaiah’s couldn’t quite handle twelve hours before being changed. I absolutely love his night diapers! He hasn’t had a single leak since they got here. Isaiah just loves being in cloth, too. If I try to put him in a ‘sposie for a while (usually so he can go in the church nursery) he gets upset with me and doesn’t want it put on. He’s happy to bring me a cloth one, though!

May 9, 2011

Sleeping in his DryBee's overnight diaper

There’s so much other stuff that I’ve gotten into ordering from eLeMeNO Pee now, too. I saw online that amber bracelets are good, not only for teething babies, but also for a million other aches and pains. I decided that I should give it a try for my carpal tunnel. I wasn’t sure if it would help or not, but it was a lot cheaper and less invasive than surgery! With no medical insurance, I can’t do surgery and then there’s the small problem of the surgery not always fixing it. I waited as patiently as I could for my bracelet as the pain continued getting worse. When the bracelet arrived, I put it on immediately and just left it on. I take it off for showers and to do dishes, but any other time, it’s on my wrist. The difference is incredible! No pain at all after a couple days wearing the bracelet. Now I can keep right on writing my blog, playing piano and speaking sign language. I’ve let Isaiah wear it on his ankle this week because he’s getting his one year molars and it seems to really help him, too. I even got my mom an amber necklace for Mother’s Day to see if it would help with some of her chronic pain. She says that it seems to be making a difference.


Me wearing my bracelet. I love that it's so pretty as well as helping with pain!

Isaiah says he’s also extremely grateful for the teething balm. It’s great for his teething pain and also seems to be generally soothing. I’ve been putting it on his cheeks at nap time and before bed. Today, I’ve put it on him several times because his mouth is hurting so much. Once I put it on, he seems to feel drastically better for quite a while.

My most recent purchase was a new mei tai for Isaiah. I had a wrap for wearing him, but I wanted something that would be easier to put on quickly and wouldn’t take as much space when I’m taking it places. I got the coolest, custom mei tai with horses on it. What could possibly be better? Isaiah likes it so much better than his wrap because it only takes a few seconds for me to put him in it. We’ve used it for some walks already and I’m looking forward to hiking trails at nearby state parks this summer with it. I figure Isaiah will get tired long before I’m ready to stop hiking and this will be the perfect way to keep going on trails that are too rough or narrow for a stroller.

New Mei Tai

Isaiah in the mei tai (I really need to get a better picture of him in it because it's gorgeous!)

Mei Tai

Added: A shot of the picture on the mei tai (with Isaiah in it)

I am going to go broke if I keep buying stuff, but I can always think of a reason I need to get something. All the cute diapers, accessories, teething stuff… The list just seems to go on and on! “Hi, my name is Elisabeth and I’m addicted to cloth diapers and amber jewelry…”

Check out eLeMeNO Pee for yourself! They have a website and they’re on Facebook. It’s easy to get hooked up with a rep who can answer all your questions. Laura would happily attest to the fact that I’ve asked a lot of questions! She always answers them for me, too.


9 responses to “I Think I’m Addicted…

  1. Thank you so much, Elisabeth! This is such a sweet, flattering piece. I am so glad you’re loving your mei tai and that amber is helping your family. ❤ Thank you for your continued support, friend.

  2. I’m addicted to elemeno-pee products too! FuzziBunz, Rocky Mountains, hosie’s products, and now must try the teething balm! Thanks a lot now I’ll probably just have to have that as well! Haha! And I’ve been dying to get a mai tei, but not sure if it’s too late. My babe is 11mths old already 😦

    • Isaiah is 15 months and still totally loves his! I know people who’ve used them with two and three year olds. As long as your back can handle it, I think the mei tai can! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean! I am incredibly addicted to cloth diapers, and when I found out about Elemeno Pee, I was ecstatic!

    I saw your Mei Tai at Elemeno Pee when Nadine brought it in. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Laura is the BEST! She is so friendly and helpful and Elemeno Pee is lucky to have her! :0) They are a great business and she is a big asset to the company, imo!

    • I totally agree! I wouldn’t have even been in the market for cloth if she hadn’t talked about them so much! I was sooo jealous of her beautiful diapers. I just had to get some. 🙂

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