A Week of Videos

I’ve been taking lots of cute videos for the last week or so, but haven’t had time to get them on YouTube to share until now. Rather than writing several short posts with the videos, I’m going to just write one longer post with all of them. Enjoy!

Race Track

My dad brought out a really cool race track a couple days ago. Isaiah loves all things that move, so it was the perfect toy for him! He was so excited, watching my dad carefully assemble the track and hook up the controllers. Each of the controllers was a little mini steering wheel with a tiny brake and a speedometer that measured “slow” to “fast.” My dad said that it’s about forty years old, so it’s something he had when he was a kid. That’s pretty awesome! Isaiah had a blast racing the cars around the track. We quickly discovered that it was possible to go too fast–the cars could come “derailed” from their tracks. At one point, Isaiah and I raced the cars. We each won a race. After Isaiah won, he was so excited to be playing with it that he made his car go extra fast and somehow managed to derail both his and mine! Oops! Too bad that wasn’t on the video…


Isaiah really loves stuffed animals (and real ones!) so I went to the basement and dug out the box of my mom’s puppets. I played with them with her when I was little and thought Isaiah would enjoy them, too. I was right. At first, he was a little afraid of them, but then he was thrilled to see each different one and play with them. He even shared his toys with them. After I stopped recording, he put one on his hand and tried to make it move like my mom and I were able to do.

Practicing Piano

I can’t turn my back on this kid for even a second! I looked away to get something and when I looked up, he’d climbed up onto the piano bench and was preparing to play. I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to record an impromptu concert, singing and all.

My Son Thinks He’s a Dog…

Isaiah spends way too much time around our dogs. He seems to think that he’s a dog, too, sometimes! This morning, he climbed up on the back of the couch, squatted there and started to bark at something outside! He’s seen Dusty and Max model the same behavior more than enough times. Toward the end, he even decided to throw in a howl. Such a little copy cat!


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