Big Surprise!

This morning when Isaiah and I got up, we had a big surprise waiting for us. My dad had gone to check the mail and come back with two big boxes addressed to Isaiah. They were from my mom’s best friend from high school, Dani. Isaiah and I have never even met Dani and my mom hasn’t seen her since they were in school together. She found my mom on Facebook a while back and has talked to her some. She sent me a package with clothes and books when I announced on Facebook that I was pregnant with Isaiah. When he was born, I added her as a friend so that she could see pictures and updates.


Not quite awake yet, but still thrilled to be cuddling his new seal!

We had no idea that Dani had sent the packages that arrived this morning. Isaiah noticed them sitting on his table and started investigating immediately. My dad cut the tape open and set the boxes on the floor. DJ and I sat on the floor with Isaiah and the fun began. When he pushed the lid off the first box his jaw dropped and his whole face lit up. He was so excited to discover that both boxes were absolutely packed full of stuffed animals! When he got to the bottom, he discovered some animal board books, too.



Isaiah carefully removed the animals one at a time, hugging them and passing them to someone. He got more excited with each new animal that appeared. There were whales, dolphins, snakes, a shark, a horse, a giraffe… The list goes on. Some were practically as big as him.


''It's a sparkly whale!''

Once the boxes were emptied, true to toddler form, Isaiah quickly climbed inside the box. He must have seen in the toddler manual that the box is always the best toy! He brought a book and a couple of the stuffed animals into the box with him and settled in to read.


''What is this thing? It has extra legs!''

Isaiah has been running through the house with his stuffed animals all day. It was such a wonderful gift! I don’t know how I could ever thank Dani enough for them! I’m so glad that Isaiah has been blessed with all these wonderful toys. I’m sure he’d be happy to send a “thank you” card if he just knew how to write. I guess I will be doing the writing for him. If I put a picture in, that should show his thanks clearly enough!


Sitting in his box


5 responses to “Big Surprise!

  1. Dani posted this to my Facebook this morning: I’m so glad the packages arrived so quickly — and that Isaiah was surprised! I’ve been plotting this for a while, seeing how he enjoys animals of all sorts, from the fish aquarium to the snake i the yard to the zoo to farm animals. It’s such a treat to see photos of him so happy and growing and thriving. You’re doing a great job, Elisabeth! Keep up the joy and keep the photos coming! 🙂

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