Taking Care of Baby

My mom, Isaiah and I decided to go thrift store shopping while DJ went to Thor yesterday. We decided to go into one that we’d never been to before. It had tons of stuff and insanely good prices. Isaiah found all kinds of treasures. He came away with a ton of new books to read. (Who could pass up $.15 for kids’ books?) We also found a couple cars, a drum and a doll. Isaiah already has a doll, but this one was a little boy and he says a prayer. He didn’t talk very well when we found him, but I figured he just needed new batteries. Thankfully, I was right and he now talks perfectly. Isaiah has already mastered putting the doll’s hands together to make him talk. This doll has been named “Elijah.”



Isaiah loves Elijah so much! Today, he carried him everywhere. I sat down at the computer for a minute and when I looked up, I found Isaiah sitting in the middle of the floor cuddling Elijah. It was so sweet! I grabbed the camera as fast as I could to capture the moment. Isaiah spent most of the day taking care of his baby the same ways I take care of him. I think he was even trying to nurse him…


Nursing Elijah?

As Isaiah was carrying Elijah through the house, he suddenly realized that the doll had hair just like his. He kept touching his own hair, then touching Elijah’s. It was so cute to watch the realization come across his face.


''Look! He has hair, too!''

I gave Isaiah a bath this morning, so it was fresh in his mind. Once he’d noticed that Elijah had hair, he decided that it needed to be dried, just like I’d done to his. He quickly grabbed the dish towel off the counter and started rubbing the doll’s head.


Drying Elijah's hair

Next was time for Elijah’s nap. Isaiah tried to wrap him in the dish towel, but that wasn’t working very well, so I brought out one of his baby blankets and loosely swaddled Elijah for him. He was so excited. A little later, he took the blanket off. Then he decided that he shouldn’t have and tried to wrap the blanket back around the doll.


Wrapping Elijah up for a nap

So, it seems that Isaiah has a new friend. He loves taking care of his baby. It amazes me how well he knows how to care for it. I guess I never thought about how aware he was of how I parent. It’s so sweet to see how gentle he can be. Of course, being a toddler, there are definitely some rough moments when the doll gets dropped, thrown or abandoned, but he still tries his best to be a good daddy!


Carrying Elijah

He’s even co-sleeping with his baby! He’s so adorable cuddled up with his baby in bed. A little while ago, I heard him start stirring and went to check on him. He’d lost his baby and was trying to find him. As soon as I gave him back, Isaiah fell right back to sleep!


Sleeping sweetly together


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