Sunglasses are Fun

Isaiah has some Cars sunglasses that he got for Christmas. He wasn’t really ready to enjoy them yet when he got them, so I put them away for a later time. Today, after he tried to steal my sunglasses, I decided it was time to bring them out.

At first, he wasn’t very sure about them and mostly wanted them off his face. I convinced him to leave them on long enough to look in the mirror. He thought they looked great on the mirror baby, but still didn’t think he should wear them.


Smiling at how cute the mirror baby looks

Isaiah decided that if the mirror baby was so cute in sunglasses, maybe other people would be, too. He started trying to put them on my mom. Rather than have her glasses broken or an eye poked out, she slipped her glasses off and put his on. He thought it was wonderful! He kept handing them back to her to wear again.


Gram wearing Cars sunglasses

Now he knew that sunglasses were good for mirror babies and Gram. Who else could wear them? Hmm… The next models were the dogs. Max has worn sunglasses before. He seems to think we’re crazy, but quietly obliges our strange ideas. I’ve certainly made him do worse things than wear sunglasses!


Wearing the sunglasses on top of his head


Lookin' good!

We had to let Dusty in on the action, too, of course. He had a little more trouble with the sunglasses. Being part shih tzu, Dusty has a very short nose. We had a lot of trouble getting the glasses to stay on his flat little face!


We finally got them to stay

After watching everyone else modeling the sunglasses (I wore them, too, but somehow avoided a picture), Isaiah decided that he should give them another try. He much preferred wearing them on top of his head like Max. That way everything still looked the way it was supposed to.


''This is fun!''


''Ok, time to take them off...''


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