New Mei Tai!

I made a wrap to wear Isaiah a while back and he absolutely loves being worn. Wraps are kind of bulky and awkward sometimes, though. A friend on Facebook posted about her wonderful mei tai carrier a while back and I got curious. I didn’t have any money to spend on one at the time, but I got enough for my birthday to order one. It finally came today! It’s a custom mei tai by Strawberry Baby. I chose a beautiful horse print fleece because Isaiah and I both love horses.

I couldn’t wait to try the mei tai, so I put Isaiah in it on my back immediately. It was actually almost supper time, so he only stayed there a few minutes, but he seemed to really like it. He was so much happier than when I use the wrap to put him on my back. He always fights the wrap (only for back carries, though) so much that it’s hard to get it secure. I finally gave up on anything but front carries with it. Now I can wear him both ways so easily! I took a picture with my cell phone in the mirror. It’s not very good, but it’ll do until I can have my mom take a better one.

"This is comfy!"


6 responses to “New Mei Tai!

  1. Woo-hoo! I love my new MeiTai too. I ask DD, “wanna koala?” lol cuz DH calls us “Koala Baby and Mama” when I wear her that way.

    Just saw the link to Isaiah’s blog.. going to check it out!!

  2. That’s so cute! Isaiah hasn’t learned to ask yet. He hasn’t been very happy with my wrap, so he avoided being put in it, but now he’s happy again. Having a carrier will make going places soooo much easier this summer!

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