Isaiah is sick (again). By early evening, he was starting to really slow down, but wasn’t actually ready to go to bed. I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie with horses in it and he got really excited. He started bouncing, saying, “yeah, yeah!” I brought him to my room to find “Misty” for him to watch. I wasn’t quite sure what he’d think of it since it’s an older movie with a lot of talking.

I put the movie in and Isaiah was thrilled! The first thing in the movie is the kids seeing the herd of wild horses. As soon as Isaiah saw the horses, he started dancing and pointing at the screen. When the horses weren’t on the screen, he didn’t mind because he liked the kids, too.


Happily watching ''Misty''

Isaiah’s favorite part of the movie (so far, anyway) was the pony round up. When all the horses started running, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself! He was dancing and laughing and pointing and shrieking. I think he would have loved to watch that part of the movie for hours.

Once the round up scene was over, I turned the movie off. It was getting close to Isaiah’s bedtime. He was so sad to have the horses go away! He’ll finish the movie tomorrow. We may have to rewind and re-watch the round up scene first, though.

The real Misty of Chincoteague with Margarite Henry, who wrote the books


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