Power Outage

The power has gone out twice in the last few days. The first time, it was during the day and we had power again before we needed the lights turned on. Yesterday, the power went off right before Isaiah’s bed time. I was on my way to get his night diaper when the lights went out. My mom was at the other end of the room and Isaiah was somewhere between us. I expected him to panic and start screaming because he’s acted afraid of the dark in the past. Instead, when I called him, he managed to stumble over to me.

My mom had to leave to go get DJ from work, so I brought Isaiah in search of flashlights and his diaper. Pretty soon, my dad came upstairs looking for a flashlight, too. We located batteries for the brighter flashlights and my dad handed Jonathan a small, keychain light. Isaiah took off, running through the house, yelling and dancing. He had absolutely no problem with the lights being out! He thought the flashlight was a new game.


Since there was no light, the camera couldn't focus, but you can still see his huge grin!

Isaiah ran around the house with his light for over twenty minutes before I finally made him give it up to go to bed. He used it to try to catch a laser light my dad had, checked out the ceiling, played his little piano and tried to read a book. He had so much fun! I managed to get some pictures and video of him.

The power came back about two hours after it went out. Apparently, someone hit a power pole and took out power for most of the county. My mom said all the towns were completely out, but some farms still had power. The farms most likely run on generators, rather than the regular power. I’m just glad it was easily fixed!


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