Isaiah’s First Play Date

I’ve made a few friends through a group at my new church. A while back, one of the ladies, Jaedyn, offered an open invitation to hang out some time. This week, I finally got around to calling her to set up a time and we decided that we’d meet at Play All Day so Isaiah and her youngest, Cadence, could play.

Play All Day

Happy boy!

I got Isaiah out of bed a bit earlier than usual so we could ride along when DJ went to work. We were a little early when my mom dropped us off and went to run errands. When Jaedyn and Cadence got there, we went in so they could play. Isaiah couldn’t decide which direction to run first! He was so excited to see all the bright colors and things to climb on.

Play All Day

I found a ball! It's so exciting!

At first, Isaiah stuck with smaller, less intimidating toys. He was quite pleased to find a nice selection of balls in one part of the room. He carried one around while he investigated other parts of the room. Soon, he found other more interesting toys. He had so much fun, he didn’t even notice when I sat down to talk with Jaedyn a few yards away.

Play All Day

Lots of pretty colored balls!

After a while, Isaiah decided it was time to check in with me. He came over, gave me a bunch of hugs and nursed a little. Then, he was off again! With a little encouragement, he was willing to try going in some of the inflatables. I walked him through the obstacle course and he thought it was great–if they’d have just left out those dark, scary tunnels!

Play All Day

Admiring the ball pit

Pretty soon, everybody was hungry. We walked over to Taco John’s for some lunch. Isaiah wasn’t really a fan of the taco, but he still ate pretty well. Cadence chattered through lunch, telling us things she saw in the room, what she thought of her food and anything else that popped into her head. It was so cute!

Play All Day

Trying to find one of the other kids

We headed back to Play All Day when everyone was finished eating. Isaiah’s whole face lit up when he realized we were back to play more. He was feeling more adventurous once his tummy was full. He was ready to try out the inflatables again. I took him over to the firetruck slide and helped him climb the ladder. The first time, he was too scared to climb for himself, so I carried him. Once he’d been down the slide, he wanted to get back to the top to go again. I had to carry him a few more times before he was comfortable with climbing by himself.

Play All Day

Isaiah and Cadence playing

I sent my mom a text telling her to come back over so she could watch him play for a while. When she came in, Isaiah spotted her and raced over to show her all the cool stuff he’d discovered. He zig-zagged around the room, trying to show her everything at once. He was so excited to share it all.

Play All Day

Peeking out of the obstacle course

Isaiah brought us over to check out the horses and wanted to get on one. Within a few minutes, he and Cadence were happily riding the horses. They were rocking them as hard as the possibly could and sneaking peeks at each other. They were having a blast and it was adorable!

Play All Day

Having a impromptu horse race

We headed back to the slide and I gave my camera to my mom. Soon, we were joined on the slide by Cadence and one of the other kids who was playing there. When Isaiah and I got to the top, Cadence and the little boy both wanted to come down with us. Somehow, we managed to all get connected to go down the slide in one big bunch. The kids all loved it because, as I learned when I was little, the more people on the slide, the faster you go down. They were happy to keep going down with me for quite a while. When I was ready to stop, they kept right on going.

Play All Day

Groups going down the slide

Isaiah really loved the slide and didn’t want to stop when I stopped. He decided that he’d do whatever it took to go down the slide again. He started the climb the ladder, very slowly. He had to work really hard to get to the top. When he was almost there, he started to get frustrated, so I climbed up and nudged him from behind. He was so proud of himself when he got to the top! He crawled across to the slide, got on his tummy and slid down feet first. When he got to the bottom, he came racing over, chattering, to tell me all about it.

Play All Day

Climbing to the top by himself

Needless to say, Isaiah did not want to leave! It was getting close to his nap time, so I collected his shoes and diaper bag and we went to say goodbye to Jayden and Cadence. Isaiah would have happily stayed and played for the rest of the day. He did wave to them as we headed for the door, though. We definitely need to do this again!

Play All Day

Standing in front of the firetruck slide


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