“I Love My Room!”

Since Isaiah wasn’t sleeping in his room, it was being used as storage for all his old toys and toys he isn’t ready for. He hasn’t ever really spent time in there because of the toys that aren’t safe for him yet (like toys labeled 3+). Now that he has his new bed and dresser, I spent most of yesterday working on sorting/organizing/cleaning the room so he can be in there.

This morning, I brought him into his room to find clothes and a clean diaper. He quickly selected a toy to carry out to the other room. He then proceeded to go back and forth, trading out toys for about half an hour. Then it suddenly occurred to him that he could just play with the toys back in his room. He spent the entire morning entertaining himself in his room! I spent part of the time out doing things in the main part of the house and part of the time discretely watching him play. He was so cute to watch!

I got some adorable pictures when he was back there:


Sharing toys with his puppy on the bed


Putting cars in the wheelbarrow


Whoops! I've been spotted!


I showed him that the best thing about having a bed of your own is having a comfy reading spot. He agrees!


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