A New Bed for Isaiah

Isaiah never really slept in his crib, but I’d like him to at least sleep alone for naps. I don’t like to put him in my bed alone because it’s a long fall if he rolls off the edge. We met my aunt and uncle (and the whole crew, actually) on Friday to get Azalea’s toddler bed from them because she moved into a bunk bed earlier in the week.

Yesterday, my mom and I worked on taking down the unused crib. It was a bit of a pain because there were times that it required two sets of hands to make a piece come off, but we got it down after a while. I got the toddler bed assembled easily (it only has 4 screws!) and put Isaiah’s mattress from his crib on it. The only catch was that his room wasn’t completely toddler-safe since he hasn’t been using it.

New Room

Isaiah's new big-boy bed

My mom had bought a dresser for Isaiah’s room because it was half price and we really needed a better solution than the plastic drawers we’ve been using. It came in a very heavy, flat box. Needless to say, there was a lot of assembly to be done! I started on it last night, then spent this morning finishing it. I would have just stayed up until it was finished last night, but I’d reached a step that required me to drive nails and I didn’t want to wake the members of the family who’d already gone to bed. There were about two million steps to assembling it and at least a dozen different types of screws, but thankfully, the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. The coolest thing is that it has a thing that makes the drawers lock. If one drawer is open, none of the others can be opened, so Isaiah can’t turn them into stair steps.

New Room

The dresser

Once the furniture was built, I managed to get everything that he can’t just have into the closet neatly and arranged everything else so it would be safe for him to play in the room. He was pretty excited to be able to just go in his room and tear stuff out! I had to put the same toys away a dozen times. He likes his new bed, too, and spent a while playing with stuffed animals and books on it.

New Room

Demonstrating how to use the bed

New Room

Reading in bed

Now, he’s soundly asleep in his own bed. It seems like a miracle! I have the monitor in his room and he’ll move in with me when he wakes up. It’s still a big step forward for him. It took a while to get him settled in his bed, but now that he’s there, he isn’t having any problems.

New Room

''Bye-bye, bed''


Sound asleep


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