Easter Pictures

I had a photo session yesterday and decided to do some Easter pictures with Isaiah while I had everything set up. I brought some stuffed bunnies and his Easter basket with me to use in the pictures. I set them up to look nice and tried to get him to sit down with them. He had other plans… He scooped them up and ran!

Photo Shoot

This was as close as I could get to what I'd planned. Pretty cute, even if he's not looking at the camera.

Isaiah thought the stuffed bunnies were pretty interesting. He couldn’t decide which bunny he liked best. At one point, he took off with the black and white one and tried to disappear.

Photo Shoot

Sitting by the gray bunny

Last Easter, I posed Isaiah with my old yellow bunny. I decided to try to get some pictures of him with it again this year to show how much he’s grown. He wasn’t especially enthusiastic about doing as I wanted, but he did play with it for a little while. I got a couple pretty good pictures of him with it.

Photo Shoot

Isaiah and my bunny

Photo Shoot

''Why's there a bunny in my basket?''

Break time! Isaiah couldn’t take any more posing and needed some play time. He ran wild around the room for a while, then came and “attacked” me. I was lying on the floor trying to get to the right position for when he happened to shoot across the backdrop and he came and threw himself on top of me. He yelled and kissed me and acted crazy. He had tons of fun!

Photo Shoot

''Hi, Mama!''

Isaiah was pretty much done staying on the backdrop to pose by himself, but my dad was willing to take some pictures of us together. He was happy to be silly and pose with me.

Photo Shoot

Signing ''cookie.'' Not sure exactly why...

Photo Shoot

This is my favorite picture from this shoot

We got quite a few good pictures. I love taking pictures of Isaiah. He’s always so adorable! It was really nice to get some pictures of him with me, too. I’ve got a bunch of candid shots of us together, but not many posed ones like these.

Photo Shoot

''Mama, I'm sleepy. Let's just cuddle.''


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