A Cloth Diaper for a Doll?

Yes! I made a cloth diaper for Isaiah’s baby doll. The doll has finally received a name. It’s name is Daniel. Daniel was my second choice when I was picking a name for Isaiah, now it’s a doll’s name. Kinda funny.

The doll that Isaiah chose didn’t have clothes that could be removed. His other doll’s outfit could come off and he loved that. He was so disappointed not to have velcro to play with, so I figured it would be easy enough to make a diaper he could play with.

I used fabric that I already had (from making a wrap) for the outside and DJ donated an old t-shirt to line it. I measured the doll and cut a rectangle for a starting point. Then, I cut a “C” shape out of each side at about the center and tried it on the doll. It was still too wide between the doll’s legs, so I made the “C” shapes bigger and it fit right. I sewed the t-shirt and print fabric together, sewing the velcro tabs into the seams and turned it right side out. I put it on the doll to decide where to put the other side of the velcro and sewed it onto the front of the diaper. Now Isaiah can play with it to his heart’s content!

Doll Diaper!

The diaper

Doll Diaper!

Daniel wearing the diaper

I also crocheted a blanket for the doll with the same yarn as I used for Isaiah’s blanket. I tried to get him to pose with his blanket, but that seemed too much like going to sleep at the moment. I’ll get one eventually! He really liked the blanket for Daniel, though. He put the blanket on the doll and gently patted its tummy. He really likes having Daniel wrapped up in the blanket, too.

Doll Blanket

Putting the blanket on Daniel

Doll Blanket

The doll with the blanket


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