A Very Tolerant Cat

I have a cat named Thomas. He’ll be 13 years old this summer. We adopted him when he was a little less than a year old. He showed up on our doorstep and never left. He was so friendly and sweet and he didn’t seem to have anywhere else to go. We watched for “missing cat” signs for several months while he lived in our garage. When none ever showed up, we brought him to the vet to be checked and get his shots. He’s been by best friend ever since, even sleeping in my bed.


My pretty kitty

When I found out I was pregnant with Isaiah, I was afraid that Thomas wouldn’t tolerate having a baby in the house. In the past, every encounter with a baby has sent Thomas running for cover under my bed. I’d actually started putting him in my room and closing the door before small children came to visit. It was just less stressful for him that way.

Thomas wasn’t a fan of being kicked when Isaiah exercised before he was born. He was fond of the fact that I’d started sleeping with extra pillows or the size of my belly either!

Me and Thomas

Me and Thomas while I was pregnant

Thankfully, Thomas gave me a pleasant surprise when Isaiah arrived. He was extremely curious and friendly. Anyone I like, he likes. He started sitting on my legs behind Isaiah while he nursed and slept. They’ve been buddies ever since. Thomas lets Isaiah lie on top of him, pull his tail and ears, use him as a pillow, hug him too tightly… When he’s done, Thomas lets out a moan to let me know he needs to be released. He hasn’t even considered biting and Isaiah has certainly dished out a lot of rough handling!

April 17, 2011

Isaiah lying on top of Thomas

Here are some pictures of them from a couple days ago. They’re getting to be pretty good play mates. Isaiah has even learned to play with him with a string.


''I love you, Thomas!''


''I... Can't... Breathe!!!''


Very excited to be playing with Thomas


Ok, time to rescue the cat!


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