Big Helper!

Isaiah wants to participate in everything that happens in the house, including somewhat unpleasant chores. Our fish aquariums were overdue for a partial water change, so after lunch, my mom collected the buckets and cleaning tool (with some help from Isaiah) to start on them.


Such a help!

Isaiah started out quietly watching on my lap, but was excited to help when I took one of the full buckets to dump it out. He helped me carry it to the bathroom and wanted to help pour it out.


Carrying the bucket full of icky fish water

Once the bucket was emptied, I sent Isaiah back down the hall to give it to my mom. He proudly presented her with the empty bucket and proceeded to remove the one she was filling! I stopped him from taking it away until she was ready for him to do it, but he was so pleased with himself for helping.


''Here's the bucket, Gram!''

The next step is refilling the tank with fresh water. Isaiah watched my mom fill the buckets and measure the appropriate chemicals into them. When she lifted the bucket out of the tub, he grabbed it to help her bring it out. He marched out to the living room, bringing the bucket with him.


''I'm carrying the bucket!''

Isaiah had so much fun pouring the water into the tank! He helped by pushing up on the handle at first. When he couldn’t reach to do that anymore, he pushed on the bottom with one finger. Once the tank was done, he settled in to watch the fish, who were all very unhappy with the disruption in their lives.


Helping pour water into the tank


Getting creative in his pouring technique


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