Going “Bye-Bye”!

Since my dad and DJ both work, Isaiah watches people coming and going all the time. He learned to wave “bye-bye” a while ago and does it every time someone is leaving the room. He waves “bye-bye” if he intends to leave the room and go where he doesn’t belong, too, but that doesn’t usually work out as he originally planned.

Recently, if we’re heading out somewhere and he’s getting to go, too, he’ll wave “bye-bye” to whoever is being left behind. He doesn’t understand the concept of “going for a drive” or “going to the park”, but if we say “do you want to go ‘bye-bye’?” he races to the door, dancing the whole time. Today, he rode with my mom to pick DJ up from work so I could do my homework without help from little hands. He was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to go with her! He went to the door ten minutes early and called my mom to come. When she didn’t respond immediately, he decided to try to open the door himself. He’s still too short, so he started pointing to the door with no response. He finally went over to get her and lead her to the door! It’s a really good thing the bolt lock is much higher for when he figures out opening doors! He still won’t be able to leave the house for quite some time.

Going "Bye-Bye"

Trying to open the door

Going "Bye-Bye"

Showing me the doorknob so I can open it for him

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