My dad caught a snake while he was outside with the dogs today. He came to the door and asked if Isaiah wanted to come out for a minute to see. Isaiah thought it was great! He tried to grab it and take it away from my dad. My mom managed to stop him from killing it being overly friendly and helped him to pet it gently. I remember getting to pet snakes my dad caught when I was not much older than Isaiah. I was the only girl who’d touch them as I got older!

April 13, 2011

Touching the snake

April 13, 2011

''This is so cool!!!''


One response to “Snake!

  1. So cool! I was also the only girl I knew growing up who liked to touch snakes. We actually talked about getting one as a pet since they are one of the few animals I am not allergic to, but neither my mom nor my MIL would ever step foot in our house again. 😦

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